5 Reasons to Use a Facebook Ad Agency

Content creation and strategic implementation are just the beginning of Facebook advertising. Hiring a Facebook ad agency makes life so much easier, here's why.

What You Need To Know

Did you know that cost-efficient and high impact marketing methods using Facebook advertisements can be made even more effective? There is a way you can get even greater returns on your investment, and free up your workforce for other tasks in the process. All it requires is a Facebook ad agency. 


Specialist agencies will bring you more experience and a wider range of skills than conducting your campaign in-house. Below, we provide 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a Facebook ad agency. 

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#1 - A Digital Ad  Agency Will Help You Build Brand Awareness Online

The real beauty of Facebook advertising lies in the fact that even if people do not click on your advertisement, they are still viewing it. With PPC advertising you are building brand awareness for free. All you need is an agency to help you find your demographic and build a great advertising campaign. 


Traditionally, you would have put out an advert with a 'shotgun' style approach. This may have employed a magazine advertisement, or a billboard, that would have been viewed by anyone who happened to pass by it. Facebook advertising allows you to go straight to people who have already displayed an interest in your niche, taking it right to consumers. 


A Facebook advertising agency are specialists in using this two-fold approach. Not only will they get the advert in front of your demographic, but they will also enhance and tweak it daily so that it increases click-through rates. These clicks can take people to your website, service, or product, making them more likely to buy your purchase.  


If you are someone who owns a physical shop, you no longer need to set up in a prime location, paying expensive rents on the main shopping street or in a mall. You can take the shop right to the customer, showcasing products and services to them through a smartphone. 

#2 - A Digital Ad Agency Will Increase the Quality of Your Ads (And Attract Better Leads)

When you hire a digital advertising agency, not only do you get the benefit of their knowledge in Facebook ad management, you also get the benefit of their knowledge of advertising in general. While Facebook advertising is much more efficient than other methods, at its core it is still a platform that requires a great advert. It needs to attract attention on a crowded feed while showing your brand and intentions. 


An advertising agency will have access to expertise that your company may not have. This could include video editors and specialists in video advertising, that can create high-quality content for your brand. While your organization may have people who can do a little of everything, a Facebook ad agency will have people who are dedicated specialists in niche areas. 


Designing images, writing copy for adverts, and building a campaign require digital marketing expertise. When choosing an agency these are the minimum requirements that you should look for. 

#3 - Hiring A Digital Marketing Company Reduces Overhead Costs

It is extremely easy to load an advertisement onto Facebook yourself. In fact, the tools built into the social media site are very user efficient. What is not easy, is doing all this properly, monitoring the success of a campaign, and making the correct changes. 


To do all this requires more services and subscriptions that you do not have. A Facebook advertising agency will have these products, meaning you do not have to spend more money. In addition, all of these need humans to coordinate them and arrange, which will mean you are paying additional labor costs if you do it in house. 


Hiring a video editor will cost you lots of money alone. On top of that, doing it in-house will require analytics tools such as Moz or Ahrefs to assist. Companies that have these are including it in your price, so you are cutting out the overhead costs.


If you do decide to buy these products and do the campaign in your house, then you still have to time and cost of training a new staff member. You will either have to hire a new employee who already has the skills or train an existing member to use them. As they are very specialist skills, it may take some time to get the project going. 

#4 - Facebook Ad Agency's Adapt Quickly

Even with the greatest of planning, an advertising campaign can fall flat. External changes such as social and political events, or attitudes in consumers, can change at a moment's notice. You need to be able to react, quickly and efficiently, and that is where the experience of a specialist agency comes in. 


Without these changes, an agency should still be able to inform you of improvements that can be made while a campaign is running. This requires detailed knowledge of the analytics used in Facebook and its algorithms and response to your campaign. A good agency should be able to at least predict some of these possibilities before the campaign begins and let you know what the response will be should they happen.

#5 - When It Comes To Marketing & Advertising A Team Is Better Than an Individual, Don't Do It Alone!

If you do your campaign in-house, you will probably have one or two individuals who are trained in marketing campaigns. When you hire a company, you get the expertise of a whole team. Many minds always come up with a range of solutions to a project, instead of just one or two that your company may have. 


You will always have campaigns that are more successful than others. The diverse range of skills available in a team allows them to successfully navigate the changes. It is likely that someone has the experience or analytical skills to see what is going wrong and rectify it. 

Finding The Right Digital Advertising Agency 

Now you can see the benefits of a Facebook ad agency, you must find one to start your campaign. Your competitors will be doing it, and if you don't start immediately you will be falling behind. 


Suits Social has a proven track record in online marketing and as a Facebook ad agency. We should be your first choice when choosing a company to bring online marketing success. 


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