Social Media Discovery


Social Media Discovery


Every client must undergo a brand discovery session. Includes a 2-hour social media brand discovery session held in-person or via video conference, 8-hours of additional research, and the development of a discovery brief.

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Note: You will receive a booking link to select a date and time for your discovery session, within 24 hours of receiving payment.

What is Discovery

Define your brand, unlock your potential, and identify your biggest opportunities in a 2-hour face to face consultation with social media expert Darren Cabral. This discovery session is the foundational first step in developing a successful social media strategy and succeeding online.

What You Get

During your discovery session you will work with our team to explore and define the following:

1. Your goals and objectives

2. Your value proposition

3. Your unique positioning

4. The competitive landscape

5. Your ideal customer

6. Your messaging strategy

7. Your content plan

And much more!

The purpose of the discovery session is to help you better understand your brand. It will clarify what makes your brand and business unique, and how you need to position yourself if you want to stand out and achieve success in the marketplace. 

During discovery, you'll be faced with difficult questions, but we'll work alongside you to answer each and everyone, forcing you to define your brand in a way you never thought possible. Whether you're an industrial solutions company or an independent real estate agent, this is your starting point and your stepping stone to social media success.

After your discovery initial session, our team will prepare a formal discovery brief based on your conversation.

This brief will serve as the foundation of your brand. It will guide your marketing efforts in all aspects of your brand and business, not just in social media, but across all online and offline channels.

More Testimonials…

Video Testimonial


George Nagel | RE/MAX


Kerri Diggle

SuiteWorks Business Centres

We came to Suits Social with the goal of filling our office spaces. Our only issue right now is not having enough parking space for all of our new clients!

-Kerri Diggle | SuiteWorks Business Centres

James Positano

9Round Kickboxing

The discovery session was great for a few reasons:  it got us to step away from the daily chaos of running a small business and really think about who our customer is and what our business means to them. It allowed us to come up with a framework to think about what we want to say to them in our messaging and how we want to say it.  Most importantly, it helped set out a plan on how we are going to reach our target market through a concerted effort of test, measure, refine, and repeat.  I had gotten into a reactive pattern with our marketing, and it gets difficult to stay the course and determine what the best way forward is when you are constantly changing your approach, medium, message etc.  We have set up clear and measurable targets with a budget on how to reach them, because at the end of the day they need to be adding more value to my business than their cost, and we were very clear on the idea of ROI as measured through driving incremental business, not just the business as usual stuff I can do myself. I thought Suits captured the conversation really well in the briefing doc, and they have been extremely responsive and accessible. 

James | 9Round Barrie


Dawn & Shawn

We loved our Discovery Session.  Darren and his team provided way more information than well as amazing ideas and encouragement.  

Dawn & Shawn Moffat | Date Smart