Social Domination

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Copy of Copy of Social Growth - BASIC.png

Social Domination

5,000.00 every month

Complete paid and organic media management. We become your digital marketing department, without the headaches and liability of managing an in house team.

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Who’s This For?

This package is perfect for the medium to large business looking to completely dominate the marketplace, overwhelm the competition, and drive serious revenue goals. You have a track record of success, understand the value of social media and digital marketing, and you want success at any cost. This is for you!

What We Do?

After undergoing a thorough discovery session, deep market research, and developing a custom social media strategy, we’ll get started building your organic assets and developing your paid advertising campaigns. This could include ad campaigns on any of the top channels, your social media content for the month, email newsletters, landing pages, etc.

What’s Included in the retainer?

The monthly retainer covers the cost of the strategy (brain power), building of the campaigns, daily optimization, and any creative elements required such as graphics and copy. In addition, this package includes bi-weekly video production, email newsletters, blog posts, chatbot automation, custom landing pages, and so much more!

Not to mention 24/7 realtime analytics via your own custom dashboard and a dedicated account manager accessible by phone, text, or email 7 days a week!

“Social Domination” Includes:

  1. Advanced Social Media Strategy Development

    • Detailed social media strategy including demographics, competitive analysis, creative samples, content calendar, etc. (Reviewed Quarterly)

  2. Facebook & Instagram Advertising: Optimized Daily + New Campaigns Monthly

  3. Brand Building Video Campaign (Guaranteed 800K-1M Video Views /year)

    • Grows your brand, build a warm re-targeting audience, builds authority in your industry. (You supply the video, we support in planning & editing)

  4. Lead-Gen Campaign to generate leads for an offer of your choice.

    • Names, emails, numbers, of interested customers who are ready to purchase, book an appointment, claim an offer, etc.

  5. Traffic & Conversion Campaign to generate sales from your warm audience

    • Perfect for directing warm traffic to a product/offer, a direct call to action where the customer can complete part or all of the transaction online.

  6. Social Media Management {Client to provide raw photos/video if needed}

    • 7 Posts per week created and shared by our team.

    • Posts will be made to your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, & Twitter.

    • Real-time community management including responding to comments, DM’s, engaging with users, and growing your audience.

  7. Social Media Growth Accelerator {on 1 social media channel}

    • Daily engagement, includes 4000 engagements per month (Likes & Comments) targeting your ideal customers. Grows your audience with real, highly engaged, and relevant followers. (500-1000 New Followers Per Month)

  8. Direct Messaging Service {on 1 social media channel}

    • Direct outreach and lead-gen service. Includes 400 messages (DM’s) per month, sent to targeted prospects and development of a custom script.

  9. Custom Facebook Chatbot

    • Planning and development of a custom Facebook chatbot for either lead gen, sales, or customer service.

    • Building and maintenance of chatbot list including weekly broadcasts.

  10. 1 Custom Sales Funnel {Additional funnels extra}

    • Clickfunnels, includes design, build of the funnel, and email sequence.

      • Up to 5 steps/pages, sales copy, graphic design, and scripting included.

      • Management and optimization of the funnel on a daily basis.

      • Generate leads and sales by escalating customers through your value ladder.

  11. Viral Social Media Contests

    • Includes planning, custom landing pages, and promotional campaign

    • Guaranteed 200-300 new emails to your list each month

    • Viral social sharing system to generate brand awareness & grow your audience

  12. Weekly Email Newsletter or Email Blast

    • We’ll design and distribute an email newsletter to your list each month. As your list of customers grow this is a crucial step in keeping them engaged.

  13. Graphic Design, Editing, and Copywriting (As needed for campaigns)

  14. Private group chat via WhatsApp for 24/7 real-time support

  15. Monthly Performance Review (Phone or Video Conference)

  16. Quarterly Report & Strategy Meeting (Video Conference)

-> BONUS: 25% Off Additional Premium Services (Video production, sales funnels, chatbots, etc.)

Our Guarantee

If for whatever reason you’re not happy with the level of service provided, or we don’t meet your expectations for any reason, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. We’re only happy if you’re happy!

What’s Not Included?

Ad spend on Facebook & Instagram is not included in your retainer. We recommend a budget of $5000 to $10,000 to start. This can be increased as you see an ROI over time and want to increase your results.

Next Steps

Within 24 hours of signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email with next steps and on-boarding instructions from your account manager. You’ll complete all required documentation, and we’ll schedule a welcome call to get started.