10 Social Media Post Ideas for Investors

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Creating content as an Investor can be tough and time consuming. A lot of people working in Real Estate often finding themselves wondering:

What do I post on my Instagram as content?

Should I make my whole Instagram listings?

So here are 10 Social Media Post Ideas for Investors!

Facebook Live Videos

Since it launched in 2016, Facebook Live has grown significantly from a fun tool, to a serious brand marketing tool. There has been over 3.5 billion Live videos created by millions of people around the world, engaging tons of people who watch!

Some great tips for going Live on Facebook or Instagram is to collaborate and invite guests onto your Facebook or Instagram Lives. These can include friends, industry leaders, or anyone in your working with (etc.). People love being a part and learning what you, as well as your guest have to say and what knowledge you bring to the table.

Ask Your Followers Questions

This goes hand and hand with engaging with your followers. A good way to engage is to start a conversation with them! Want someones opinion of a new property? Ask your followers! Want to host an event and aren’t sure if its something people would be interested in? Ask your followers! Looking for someones thought on a new t-shirt? You get it.

Attending Events

Every business book, article, video and podcast EVER made will tell you this. Network! Yes, it is still an amazing way to meet new people, find new deals, and build relationships! But on the social media side of being an Investor, going to events is a great way to capture content fo your social media.

Broadcast the event, post about it all night, take photos with your friends, industry leaders and anything else that people not at this event would LOVE to see you doing. This let’s your followers become apart of the event, just by sharing it with them!

Promoting Services

Your an Investor, you probably run your own business, have a podcast, sell/buy property and/or products, the options are endless! so promote it! Though the one issue that almost 80% of businesses do wrong on social media is not following the 80/20 rule. What is the 8/20 rule? It means creating content that is 80% FOR the consumer (entertainment, value etc.) and 20% promotion of yourself or your business. Follow it, and you’ll stay golden!

Past Client & Current Clients

Post about your past clients. Where are they? How are they doing? Are they still doing well? What is their story? We want to know! And of course, don’t forget to create content around your current clients as well. We want to see that you are still buying and selling properties, who you’re working with and more. On social media, people want to know EVERYTHING. So give it to them!

Stories From Your Past

Like I said, everything! Tell your followers how you started, your first deal, where you grew up. And if you’re brave enough, show some photos and relevant stories from your childhood! It makes people get to know you more, feel more comfortable, and really become relatable.  

What You Are Working On/New Projects

This one is pretty self explanatory. But share what you’re working on! New deal? Post it. New project? Post it (give some hints for extra curiosity and interest). Let people know something new is always coming to be excited about.

Share Relevant Articles

Follow some industry leaders who share some valuable content? Don’t hog it all for yourself, share it with your followers! Giving people the value makes you the “Go-to” person in the Investment industry.

Personal Content

Again, to make yourself more relatable and let pople get to know you, post about your personal life once in a while! On a trip with friends or family? Going to celebrate your anniversary? Posting these types of photos or videos really makes you look personable.

Repurposing Content

That’s right. Re-use and recycle your content for even more content! This is an amazing trick for when you are unsure what to post on your social media. Just re-use that post from an event last year and do a #Thowbackthursday! Download your Facebook or Instagram Live videos to post as “In case you missed it” videos. And chop up video content from one 10 minute video, into 10 1 minute videos (60 seconds for Instagram).


If you’re REALLY looking to blow up your social media as an Investor, follow these extra pro bonus tips!

  1. Always have a call to action

  2. Always hashtag in your posts (local, relevant, not commonly used, unique)

  3. Follow hashtags on Instagram

  4. Engage with your audience! So many Investors and people who work in real estate miss this opportunity to really connect with your audience

REMEMBER: Your posts are for your followers and potential clients! Post what they want to see and engage with, not what you want to see. Figure out who they are and what they like. Learn how to figure this out in our blog Developing a Content Strategy for Your Business”.