Google Posts for "Google My Business"

Everything you need to know about Google Posts for Google My Business.

A couple of weeks back, Google added a new way for businesses to connect and communicate with their customers and community. Well technically it's not new, they had a "by invitation only" program for US businesses only. But now they've quitely rolled out this new feature to all businesses with a Google my business account. Google posts allows your business to post updates, sales, events, products, etc. directly on your google my business listing. Here's what it looks like: 

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 7.20.10 PM.png

These Google Posts are searchable, and appear right in the search window when people Google your business. This is a really good thing, because before customers even reach your website, you have the chance to make an impression. Entice them with a deal, special offering, event, or perhaps a case study if you're are B2B agency like we are.

The new Google posts are super visual, and do a great job of grabbing your attention. You can even add event details and a reserve, buy it now, or other call to action button. This new feature is a great addition to an already strong social media marketing strategy and should be used along side current content marketing and social media efforts.

Suits Social will be rolling out the management of these posts as part of our local social marketing packages, and all existing clients with a reputation management subscription will be provided the service free of charge.

What are the benefits of using Google Posts?

- Boost Local SEO

- Increase Conversions

-Drive More Website Traffic

- Easily Promote Events, Sales, Limited Time Offers, etc.

- Highlight Top Selling or New Products

- Increase Search Rank in Google


How To Access & Use Google Posts:

Step 1 - Login to your Google my business account. You can do that HERE.

Google my business

Step 2 - You'll see a new tab for "Posts" in both the sidebar, and in the main dashboard. Click "create a post" to get started creating your first Google Post.

Google Post Setup

Step 3 - Here you'll see any posts you've done in the past, but of course since you're just getting started this will be blank. So click on the camera icon to add a picture and start creating your post. I had already created two Google posts for the purpose of this demo.

Step 4 - Set an interesting thumbnail image, this is what people will see on your google listing on top of the post. Here I choose to go with a picture of myself enjoying a classic old-fashion in Yorkville. But enough about me. Set you picture and move on to the next step!

Fill out the body text for the post with something short and sweet. You have between 100-300 words, so don't write a novel, but don't use a one liner either. Your content should start with an eye catching opener that stands out to potential customers, and follow that will a description that's straight to the point, no filler.

Step 5 - After finishing up with writing the post, you can choose from two additional options. Besides an image and text, you can also choose to label this as an event, and/or add a call to action button. Labeling this as an event will allow you to set an event title as well as a start date/time and end date/time. For the call to action button, you can set whatever suits the post, you can choose anything from a learn more button, to a reserve now button. 

step 5.png

And You're Done!

Once you're ready to share your post, simply hit preview post, and share your post with the world! It will instantly appear in your "posts" dashboard within your Google my business account, and if you do a quick Google search for your business it will come up with your Google my business listing as seen in our example below:

For more information about "Google my business", improving your local search rankings, getting more reviews, or using social media to grow your business, get in touch for a personal 30 minute consultation. I'm happy to learn more about your business, answer any questions you might have, and get you pointed int he right direction. Thanks for reading!