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Creating a 7-Figure Social Media Strategy for Realtors

Last week our CEO, Darren Cabral, and the team visited the Barrie & District Association of Realtors. We were at this event to share how Realtors can use our 7-Figure Social Media Strategy to build a powerful Facebook/Instagram ad campaign that generates warm leads and massive brand awareness.

After TONS of requests, we have posted our slideshow presentation from the event! Click below to download it!

Creating a 7-Figure Social Media Strategy for Realtors

Downloaded it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

The Complete Guide to Facebook Live for Real Estate Agents

Bringing in More Prospects with Facebook Live Videos

Since it launched in 2016, Facebook Live has grown significantly from a fun tool, to a serious brand marketing tool. There has been over 3.5 billion Live videos created by millions of people around the world, engaging tons of people who watch!

As we know, engagement is key in the business-social media world. Likes, views and follows are not as important. Even if you have even a small audience watching you, as long as they are engaged and consuming your content, they are all you need to start! And more engagement not only indicates a better response from fans, but also boosts your content in the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook Live videos are winning right now in the Real Estate industry. Everywhere you look, there are either Facebook or Instagram stories from Real Estate Agents posting to their profiles, engaging tons of clients or prospects. Facebook Live is definitely worth it, and everything you need to know about using it for Real Estate, is right here!

What Exactly is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature for the live broadcast of user videos from the Facebook mobile app. This allows Facebook users to broadcast live video of themselves to their friends and followers. This tool is great for Real Estate Agents looking to connect more with their social media followers and give them a quick update on the market, show what houses you are selling (even do a mini tour!) or even just to say hi.


How to Use Facebook Live

Launching a Facebook Live video is different, depending on whether you’re using a personal profile or a Facebook Page, if you don’t know the difference, check out our blog!

The easiest way to get started is create a Facebook Live video directly from your mobile device. That’s right! As long as you have the Facebook app downloaded onto your phone, you can easily create them from anywhere!

When starting a Facebook Live video, let your followers know a day or two beforehand that you will be starting one, and a little bit about what your video will be about. This will:

  1. Excite your followers and make them look forward to it

  2. Plan to watch it. Not everyone is on Facebook waiting for you to do a Facebook Live video!

  3. Gives you the chance to get more viewers onto your Facebook Live video

After you have pre-planned what your Facebook Live video is going to be about, and you have let people know on social media that you will be creating one, it's time to actually start you Facebook Live video!

1. Download and Open the Facebook App for your mobile device. Using your mobile device is easier than using your computer. This makes it easier for you to do Facebook Live videos at anytime, anywhere!


2. From your Newsfeed, Tap “Write Something” or “What’s On Your Mind”. They depend on if you are creating a Facebook Live video from your business page or your personal profile. This is where you would write/share a post. For us, it says “Write Something”.

3. From the Bottom, Select “Live Video”.

4. Add a Description to Your Video

5. Add details: Tap the location icon to tag your location if appropriate and tap the Face Icon if you want to add more information about what you’re doing.

6. Tap “Start Live Video”. And there you have it! Your Facebook Live Video for Real Estate Agents.

How to Make Real Estate Agent Facebook Live Videos Like a Pro

We want to make sure that you start your Facebook Live videos looking like a pro! So we have put together some tips an ideas for Real Estate Agents to use in Facebook Live videos:

  1. Plan Your Facebook Live Video.

  2. Be Yourself.

  3. Tell Your Followers in Advance.

  4. Double Check Your Internet Connection. Whether you are using internet connection or data on your phone, make sure you can keep the Facebook Live video going!

  5. Tag Your Location.

  6. Engage With Your Audience. If people start liking or commenting on your Facebook Live video, shout them out! Let them know that you see it. If they comment a question, make sure you answer it.

As a Real Estate Agent, you want your Facebook Live videos to be so engaging that there is a conversation between you and your followers. Some great and content ideas for your Facebook Live that will start a conversation and turn prospects into clients are:

  1. Q&A’s. People have questions. Facebook Live is awesome for being able to communicate right in the Live video so you can answer right away.

  2. Mini Real Estate Listing Tours. Like we said earlier, take your cell phone with you! When you’re heading to a listing, create a Facebook Live video about the new listing as well as a little tour.

  3. Market Updates. This is one many Real Estate Agents have been doing with Facebook Live. Once a week/month, take a couple minutes and do a Facebook Live on the Real Estate Market.

  4. Personal Videos. People want to know you. Get some videos of you outside of your Real Estate life!

  5. Big Announcements.

  6. Contests. Run some Facebook Live contests! People love them and will increase your engagement significantly.

  7. Events you attend.

  8. Behind the Scenes. Where are you headed? A new listing? Meeting a new client? Let us know!

Remember, people won’t be watching right away. You have to plan and acknowledge people coming in, halfway or even near the end of your Facebook Live.

That’s It!

We know you can do it. The main thing to take out of this, is to have fun! There’s no secret to doing it perfectly. Every Real Estate Agent is different and has their own unique way of doing Facebook Live videos, so make it your own!


If you’re a Real Estate Agent who uses Facebook Live videos, let us know what works well for you!

Instagram Tips For Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Not Sure How to Use Instagram for Your Real Estate Business? Here Are Some Tips!


Creating content for your Real Estate business can be tough. A lot of people working in Real Estate often finding themselves wondering:

What do I post on my Instagram as content?

Should I make my whole Instagram listings?

Both of these answers can be easily solved with these Instagram tips and tricks for Real Estate!


1. Create your OWN content!

Use photos and videos that you have taken for your Instagram, don’t always just use stock photography.


The main reasons your audience follows you is to see the newest and best listings you represent, hear your thoughts on local market conditions, and see what your clients and colleagues have to say about your business. If you’re already at a listing, take a few shots here and there, or make little video clips that you can post later. Posting content that’s actually photographed and recorded by you is essential.

Also, don’t be afraid to show your personal side every once in a while. People want to be able to connect to with you on a personal level and get to know you. If you are a Real Estate agent who also is a musician, post a photo or video of yourself playing every once in a while! People want to know you, which in return, gives you more clients.


2. Know What You’re Going to Say Before You Record a Video

Know exactly what you want to say in your videos BEFORE you press record and post them onto your Instagram, or any other social media!

Now with that said, it doesn't mean you need to script word for word as that would sound incredibly un-natural. But you should at least have a general idea of your mind of the dirrection you're going to take and what you'll talk about.


3. Leverage All of Instagram’s Features

Instagram has many features that most people don’t realize are great for Real Estate!

Some of these features to check out are:

  • Boomerang

  • Timelapse

  • Story Hashtags

  • Geo-Tagging

  • Live Video

  • IGTV

  • “Swipe-Up” in Instagram Stories (Great for Listings)

There are so many more features, but we like these ones the best!

Show off a property where you highlight fun amenities around the community. These could include parks, beaches, shops, surrounding landscape and restaurants. When used for the right purpose, it can be amusing and appealing for buyers and sellers!


4. Use Testimonials

Don’t forget to use those testimonials that you have gotten!


These can be from past clients, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews or any other way that you are getting reviews. If you have photos from past clients with their purchased or sold home, post it! With your client’s testimonial as your post’s copy. If you don’t have any photos with clients with their home, use a photo from the listing explaining the house along with the testimonial underneath!


5. Share to All of Your Social Media

Always share to your other social media platforms! When creating a post for Instagram, make sure that you are posting it to all of your other accounts as well.

There are two ways that you can do this.

  1. Post from each social media account separately

  2. Post on all of your accounts (except Linkedin) directly from Instagram

I bet you’re also thinking that number two is the better option, and you’re right! Posting from your Instagram directly onto your Facebook and Twitter is less time consuming, and easier than you’d think!

All you have to do is go into your settings and click “Linked Accounts”. From there, you will see a list of social media platforms that you can connect with. So when you post a photo, at the bottom before you post it there is an option to share it onto your other linked accounts as well!

For more information on linking your accounts click here.


Hashtagging your posts is critical to increasing your reach to potential sellers or buyers. Find relevant hashtags for your local market.

Search different hashtags featuring your town or city name and common real estate terms — like “homes for sale,” “listings,” and “housing market” — to see which are used most often by Instagram users. Then, start using them in your posts. Make sure that you’re using new hashtags over time, changing them up and seeing what new hashtags are being used. Every once in a while, do a little research!

Tip: When using hashtags, don’t put them in your caption. Create about 30 hashtags and make a comment on your post of them. This hides the hashtags for a more aesthetically pleasing post.


8. Make Sure You Respond to Your Follower’s Comments

This one is a simple one that most people miss doing. Comment and respond to your followers!

If someone has taken the time to comment on your photo or follow you, don’t forget to thank them and respond kindly to them. Always engage in conversation with your followers. Get them thinking and ask for opinions in posts!