Instagram Tips For Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Not Sure How to Use Instagram for Your Real Estate Business? Here Are Some Tips!


Creating content for your Real Estate business can be tough. A lot of people working in Real Estate often finding themselves wondering:

What do I post on my Instagram as content?

Should I make my whole Instagram listings?

Both of these answers can be easily solved with these Instagram tips and tricks for Real Estate!


1. Create your OWN content!

Use photos and videos that you have taken for your Instagram, don’t always just use stock photography.


The main reasons your audience follows you is to see the newest and best listings you represent, hear your thoughts on local market conditions, and see what your clients and colleagues have to say about your business. If you’re already at a listing, take a few shots here and there, or make little video clips that you can post later. Posting content that’s actually photographed and recorded by you is essential.

Also, don’t be afraid to show your personal side every once in a while. People want to be able to connect to with you on a personal level and get to know you. If you are a Real Estate agent who also is a musician, post a photo or video of yourself playing every once in a while! People want to know you, which in return, gives you more clients.


2. Know What You’re Going to Say Before You Record a Video

Know exactly what you want to say in your videos BEFORE you press record and post them onto your Instagram, or any other social media!

Now with that said, it doesn't mean you need to script word for word as that would sound incredibly un-natural. But you should at least have a general idea of your mind of the dirrection you're going to take and what you'll talk about.


3. Leverage All of Instagram’s Features

Instagram has many features that most people don’t realize are great for Real Estate!

Some of these features to check out are:

  • Boomerang

  • Timelapse

  • Story Hashtags

  • Geo-Tagging

  • Live Video

  • IGTV

  • “Swipe-Up” in Instagram Stories (Great for Listings)

There are so many more features, but we like these ones the best!

Show off a property where you highlight fun amenities around the community. These could include parks, beaches, shops, surrounding landscape and restaurants. When used for the right purpose, it can be amusing and appealing for buyers and sellers!


4. Use Testimonials

Don’t forget to use those testimonials that you have gotten!


These can be from past clients, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews or any other way that you are getting reviews. If you have photos from past clients with their purchased or sold home, post it! With your client’s testimonial as your post’s copy. If you don’t have any photos with clients with their home, use a photo from the listing explaining the house along with the testimonial underneath!


5. Share to All of Your Social Media

Always share to your other social media platforms! When creating a post for Instagram, make sure that you are posting it to all of your other accounts as well.

There are two ways that you can do this.

  1. Post from each social media account separately

  2. Post on all of your accounts (except Linkedin) directly from Instagram

I bet you’re also thinking that number two is the better option, and you’re right! Posting from your Instagram directly onto your Facebook and Twitter is less time consuming, and easier than you’d think!

All you have to do is go into your settings and click “Linked Accounts”. From there, you will see a list of social media platforms that you can connect with. So when you post a photo, at the bottom before you post it there is an option to share it onto your other linked accounts as well!

For more information on linking your accounts click here.


Hashtagging your posts is critical to increasing your reach to potential sellers or buyers. Find relevant hashtags for your local market.

Search different hashtags featuring your town or city name and common real estate terms — like “homes for sale,” “listings,” and “housing market” — to see which are used most often by Instagram users. Then, start using them in your posts. Make sure that you’re using new hashtags over time, changing them up and seeing what new hashtags are being used. Every once in a while, do a little research!

Tip: When using hashtags, don’t put them in your caption. Create about 30 hashtags and make a comment on your post of them. This hides the hashtags for a more aesthetically pleasing post.


8. Make Sure You Respond to Your Follower’s Comments

This one is a simple one that most people miss doing. Comment and respond to your followers!

If someone has taken the time to comment on your photo or follow you, don’t forget to thank them and respond kindly to them. Always engage in conversation with your followers. Get them thinking and ask for opinions in posts!