Sales Funnels for Professionals

What Are Sales Funnels?

Sales funnels refer to the sales process that leads customers into making a purchase, service, or opting into a specific thing. These Sales Funnels market, sell, and give products online to targeted potential customers or leads.

To create a Sales Funnel, create a ClickFunnels account. It is an online sales funnel builder that is great for business professionals who have a product or service that they are offering.

How? Though it can seem complicated, it’s very simple!

The Benefits and Features of Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is the most effective way to get any product or service to sell. This way, you are attracting the right visitors, building their trust and engagement with their brand and then selling to them right at the point when they’re most likely to buy.

ClickFunnels simplifies these funnels so you can create them in the easiest, and most successful way possible. They give you pre-built funnel templates and online marketing to deliver your products and services for a specific business to funnel in their specific type of customers.

When creating a Sales Funnel for your business, you want to be using each of the core elements that ClickFunnels offers, including:


  • Custom Domains

  • A/B Split Tests

  • Email Integrations

  • Optin Funnels

  • Order Pages

  • Upsell Pages

  • Downsale Pages

  • Share Your Funnels

  • Priority Support

  • Priority Template Requests

  • And more!

What Makes a Great Sales Funnel

Like I said earlier, when creating a Sales Funnel, you want to keep them enticed enough that they keep falling through your funnel, which ends up in the prospect making a purchase.

If you are an expert in your field, a great strategy for a sales funnel is to offer a solution to someones problem, but giving free video training.


We love this one because it educates your prospect in:

  1. An issue that they didn’t realise they had

  2. How they can find a solution (you/your product)

  3. What your product is

  4. And why it will help with the solution

At this point, your prospect has gained your trust and watched each video/training you have given to educate them. Each point given above has lead into landing pages and videos that leads them deeper into the funnel and now shows where they can make a purchase.

Another great way is to record a training video and call it a “Live Webinar”. Every time a prospect lands on your Sign Up page for a webinar, you can set the “next live Webinar” for whichever hour they end up on your page. For example, is someone lands on your page at 9:00am, your Sign Up page would say “Next Webinar at 10:00am!”. This gives scarcity that they need to sign up right then and there. Or, they can sign up for a later time. But in reality, you have already recorded your “Live Webinar” and it is running all the time waiting for the hour (10:00am) to be played on the landing page.

The amazing part about Sales Funnels is that once they have invested their time into each video and learned, they are going to buy your product or service to justify spending all of their time on you.