Leaders in What We Do! 

After just 1 year in business, Suit Social has established a position as a social media marketing leader. Featured on Clutch, a Washington DC research and reviews company, we have quickly risen to the top of the leaderboard for social media marketing companies in Canada.  

What is social media marketing? Simply put, social media marketing is using social media to reach new customers, build brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales.

This can take many shapes and forms, from growing an audience on your facebook page, creating content, and engaging with your customers. To developing paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that drive direct traffic back to your website or generate high quality targeted leads for your sales team.

It all depends on your unique business needs, marketing goals, and objectives.

These days it seems like everyone's on social media, it's how consumers communicate, connect with brands, and make purchase decisions. But you might be thinking social media is so new, how hard could it be to be an industry leader?

Well, the vast number of companies on Clutch’s social media directory can give you an idea of just how competitive the space already is.

We're doing so well so early in our company’s tenure, because our clients expect results, and we deliver. Our team is dedicated to the success of your business and we'll stop at nothing to achieve that. We often go above and beyond our clients expectations, and strongly believe in under promising and over delivering on every project.

In addition, what really sets us apart is our communication strategy. Unlike other agencies who may take days to respond to a simple email. Or that only reach out once every 3 months when something goes wrong, we do things differently.

We treat every client as a partner, and as such we keep in frequent contact by whatever means works for you. That can be text, phone calls, Skype, and even in person coffee meetings. Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever it takes.

Our proactive communication strategy keeps our clients happy, and keeps our success rate high. We're obsessed with helping you succeed on social media, run profitable campaigns, and grow your audience and your brand online.


Suits Social Inc. Listed on Clutch.co

What is Clutch? 

Clutch is a firm that focuses on producing verified data and reviews of companies so that future customers have reliable data to make choices from. They do this by taking into consideration a variety of factors as well as conducting client reviews. They use a special algorithm, and dive deeper into what each company is doing, so that a ranking from them means you are setting yourself apart from the crowd, you are actually performing and standing out

Our clients told Clutch, “Suits Social focuses on the exact task at hand and is very productive.” When asked what stands out the most about us, “Their level of efficiency stands out the most.” Don’t take my word for it, take our client’s word, “trust them.” 

What Does This Mean?  

What we do, we do well, and our reviews are a clear testament to that. We succeed because we care, and we take our job (your business) very seriously, ensuring that you see results with every project.

We understand social media, we live it, we breathe it, we practise it daily. Through our training, certifications, and recognition, we not only deliver results, we deliver peace of mind, take one more thing of your plate, and make life that much easier.

To learn more about Clutch and Suits Social, visit our profile here.