The Top 3 Marketing Systems Every Business Needs

Awareness. Leads. Sales.

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The Death of Impressions & Clicks. Local Businesses Only Care About One Thing...

When it comes to advertising, the path you take and the metrics you track, totally depend on your the type of business you run. Just as business has evolved to keep pace with the new digital economy, so has the modern marketer. Clicks, impressions, engagements, conversions, etc. are all popular terms you might see in your monthly marketing report. While this is fine for businesses of the internet variety selling products or services exclusively online, what does it really mean for local brick and mortar businesses? If you run a local restaurant, dealership, or banquet hall, do you really care how many clicks your getting? Does it matter how many impressions you got? If someone visits your website how do you know if they'll be walking through your door or simply clicked an ad by accident? Either way you're being charged for a "Conversion". It seems we have a problem on our hands.

Currently a massive gap exists between digital marketing, and traditional marketing. Modern marketing agencies are pushing digital as a one size fits all approach. Meaning they're providing you with the same system they use for clients who sell exclusively online, which clearly makes no sense. Where as traditional marketers are still trying to sell you newspaper ads, radio spots, and a giant banner towed behind low flying plane. None of which will provide any measurable ROI what so ever! The problem with both these methods is they don't provide a way for physical businesses to track ROI. For businesses selling on line, it's extremely easy to track a customers journey right through to the checkout page, and connect that to ad spend. But how to you track it in the physical world? How do you track X number of sales for X number of dollars spent? The answer for most business is simple. They don't... At least until now.

So if clicks, engagements, impressions and so on are not the answer, and don't matter in the least bit for your business, what does?

What really matters for local businesses is customer calls and visits. How many customers that are seeing the ads are actually calling the business or visiting it. In the case of a dealership for example both of these metrics tell a very important story. Especially if you can track keywords for the phone calls. For example, a customer see's your ad, calls in to speak with a sales rep and the words "schedule" + "test drive" "date/time" come up. Imagine if at the end of the month you got a report that showed you how many calls your ad generated that mentioned those keywords. A great indicator of how many test drives your ads generated.

But wait... it gets better! Now let's say you're a restaurant and a customer see's your ad, and the next day walks into you're restaurant. What if you could track that? What if at the end of the month you had a report that showed: you spent X number of dollars, X number of people saw you're ad, and X number of people actually walked into your restaurant to eat. Well thanks to new technology, we can now do exactly this!

These two metrics, calls + visits, are the most important because they're the only thing that matters. As a business owner or manager, you just want to know who's calling and who's coming in. You don't care about clicks, impressions, blah blah blah. You wan't people, real people, spending real dollars. Here at Suits Social we get that. That's why we're happy to offer a brand new service to our clients which is exactly what you read above. Local advertising that tracks calls and visits.

The technology behind how we do this is quite amazing, and we're happy to share with you in greater detail if you just shoot us an email at or give me a call personally at 705-417-2768. This is a brand new offering, and it's not even on our website yet. We can only accommodate a limited number of clients in the GTA and surrounding area's, so we're basing this on a first come first served basis. If you think your business is a good fit for this service, don't hesitate to get in touch and i'll be happy to explain more.

P.S. Current clients who subscribe to our local marketing management platform will be offered a special discount on this exclusive service.