Schedule Social Media Posts And Save Time With Hootsuite

Social Media's Important But It Can Also Get Overwhelming...

In recent times, the use of social media for businesses of all sizes has become almost imperative for exposure and ultimately success.

Though with so many different platforms (and the need to be involved on many of them), it can be difficult to manage what goes where. Posting to each social feed individually can become redundant, and time consuming. That is not a good combination for any business. You have probably heard of the phrase, “time is money”, right?

What To Do?

 If you are posting content to each social feed individually, STOP. It is time to look into a social media management platform such as Hootsuite, where you can manage all of your social media in one place. Now, lets get this out of the way, this is not meant to be an advertisement for Hootsuite, its just smart advice to promote efficiency for your business.

The Benefits

 With a free Hootsuite account, you can manage up to 10 social media platforms from one single dashboard. The ability to schedule posts to various feeds either automatically or in bulk, and then be able to view them in the content calendar is perhaps one of the greatest features of this platform.

Set up streams. View tweets, Instagram posts and more that are related to your followers, or to the interests of your business. Then, why not interact with them while you’re at it. All in one spot. See the trend here?

Analytics. One of the most important aspects to measure success is also a feature that is readily available within the Hootsuite platform. Whether you are a social media agency or a business who conducts social media from within, you want to be able to measure ROI, and this platform allows you measure growth with a simple click of the mouse.

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Other important features include the ability to add team members and assign tasks, create contests and campaigns that will generate leads, and access to over 250 applications and integrations.

There is a reason why some of the world’s largest organizations, including Visa, HBO, PayPal and Expedia are using this platform to manage the many aspects of their social media feeds, and it isn’t just a fluke.


Looking at a dashboard filled with content from several different social feeds can be quite overwhelming, we get that. It can be downright confusing at times. But once you get the hang of it, posting and engaging with your social following becomes very efficient.

Whether you pick up on the platform right away, or whether it takes some time, the Hootsuite Academy is here to provide an educational program that will take you through areas that include platform training and even social marketing training.

Final Thoughts…

Now, once you get acquainted with Hootsuite, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t get carried away with it. Yes, it becomes so easy to post that you might be posting for the heck of it! Don’t. Instead, remember to post quality over quantity. But lets save a full discussion on content for another blog post.

Hootsuite offers much more, especially when upgrading your plan. Features can include custom analytics reports, additional contest templates, custom branded URLs, 1-on-1 training sessions and social media certifications (those look good on your resume).

Whether you operate a small business, or an enterprise, Hootsuite can help you manage one of 35 different social platform that assist companies promote their messages through curated content.

Social media presence is a key to success, but so is efficiency, so look into a social media management platform to turn time