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Why You Should Be Using Pinterest for Your Business

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If your in the business of food, fashion, blogging, or even the marketing business, you need to be using Pinterest. With over 150 million bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses using it, Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic to your website, blogs, or any other place you want your audience to go to! Here is why should be using Pinterest to grow your business!

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest

Like I said earlier, Pinterest is such a great way to increase traffic to your website, blogs, social media channels and more. Other benefits of using Pinterest for your business that are unique to Pinterest are the high engagement, and long lasting content.

If you’ve never used Pinterest before to quickly find and save recipes or a DIY project, then you’re missing out! Pinterest is great for sharing links of photos of your products that customers can save and share. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where people can share your post once, Pinterest has the ability to share your post and become looked at over and over again. Making content “long lasting”.


Just like any other social media platform, you are able to create targeted advertisements to your audience. Like most social advertising, this platforms ads MUST be visually beautiful. Especially if you want someone to be saving your ad to a “Pinterest Board”. Pinterest also informs you of emerging trends in your industry/community and gives you access to its own analytics so you can track and record your Pinterest efforts. This feature is only available to Pinterest Business Accounts. If you haven't already created one, learn how!

Like most social media platforms, Pinterest gives you access to simple tutorials on their website and is easily available on any device.

Let’s See Those Stats...

Research shows that:

  • 66% of Pinners use products/services that they see on Pinterest or are being used by other Pinners (blog, websites)

  • 87% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy

  • 93% of the Pinners use Pinterest to plan future purchases

Research done by Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company, showed that the average order value from referral traffic from Pinterest was $58.95 where Facebook’s was $55.00


Use Pinterest, Have Fun!

Pinterest is a great place to share (or “pin”) great ideas and thoughts to your audience. It is also a good place to collaborate with other companies or Pinners on topics that people are interested in. One way to collaborate is simply adding a friend or colleague to a “board” (a topic that you can save pins to) on your profile, where they can add ideas and posts that they think relates.

Pinterest also lets you create fun contests, scavenger hunts, hashtags and more to make people more engaged in your company. If you create a contest or promotion on any of your social media channels, you can spread them onto Pinterest or share that you have “Pinterest Scavenger Hunt”. You can share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get people to go onto those other channels of social media increasing audience engagement and traffic on both accounts.

The RIGHT (And Only) Way You Should Be Managing Negative Comments on Social Media

How You Should Be Responding to Unhappy Customers

Social media is an amazing and powerful tool when businesses take the opportunity to use it. It helps them connect, engage, and establish trust with customers you already have, as well as potential ones, increasing brand awareness, website traffic and overall increasing sales.

But what happens when something goes wrong with a customer? Negative comments can start popping up on your business’ Facebook page,Instagram page or Twitter feed. Though some social media managers can respond the wrong way, including ignoring comments, deleting comments, responding with a bad apology or worse, getting angry back at the customer.


But really, the best and ONLY way you should manage negative comments made from a customer on your social media is to offer an apology AND a solution to their problem.

Apologizing the RIGHT Way

The best way to do this is giving a ‘We hear your issue, and we will make it right immediately” approach. This is your opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into your business’ biggest fan! Responding to comments this way on social media lets people know the loyalty and respect to your business has for your customers.

Usually, a person who is responding with negative comments already has some sense of loyalty to your business. Especially if they’ve already spent their money with you, “liked” your Facebook page, or followed you on social media. However, they’ve had an unpleasant experience. Usually they just want to know that they have been listened to and that you (your business) will make things right.

Sometimes businesses forget that handling complaints on social media is the same as dealing with complaints in person. If a customer were standing in front of you with a complaint, you wouldn’t ignore them, walk away from them, or just apologize without giving them a solution to their problem. So why would that be acceptable to do on social media? The answer is, It’s not!


When you deal with complaints the right way, unhappy customers will tell their friends how awesome your company is and what great customer service you gave. In the end, they’ll most likely encourage their friends and family to buy from you instead. Like I said earlier, social media is powerful, and is free marketing!

Just remember that no matter how amazing your business is, mistakes happen, customers get upset and complain. With the growing of social media, they now expect to be able to speak about these complaints and get resolutions on social media.

Next time you see a negative comment on or towards your business' social media, think of it as an opportunity to prove how awesome your company is!

How do you think a business should deal with negative comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!