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5 Ways to Convert B2B Webinar Leads Into Sales

Converting Your Leads Into Customers

61 percent of webinars are done for B2B purposes. Webinars are a great way to teach and give value to potential prospects, as long as they are other businesses. But you know what’s even better than filling your webinar with potential leads? Converting those leads into customers!

We often focus on creating great content for our webinar, but we don’t spend enough time on the next step moving forward.

Follow Up Within 24 Hours of the Webinar

While it’s still fresh in their minds, send out your first email follow-up to webinar attendees and no-shows within 24 hours of the webinar. You can do this by creating an email automation with applications like MailChimp.


Create an email template and start the automation with a follow up, some extra tips, your services/products and more, depending how long you want your automation to be.

Send Personalized Follow-Ups to Hot B2B Leads

Send these leads personalized emails or calls, or go a step further and provide your sales team with a customizable email or call template for the B2B webinar. This makes it easier for both you and your team so you can both do a great job and convert your B2B prospects into customers!

This follow-up should relate to the webinar content, provide value, and offer a “How we can help” to your B2B leads. It’s a really good idea to personalize these messages as much as possible based on what you know about each B2B prospect.

Even if you are making templates for your sales team, don’t make them sound bland and obvious that it is templated. Add some personal touches that could be said to anyone and still sound personal!

Send Out a Webinar Survey

Sending your B2B webinar leads a quick survey right after is a great way to see how well your webinar did and to get insight on how to make your next one, even better.

Make sure that you ask them who’s ready to take the next step from your webinar. You can also use survey responses to send your webinar B2B leads follow up messages with offers.


Retarget Your B2B Webinar Leads

Creating retargeting campaigns for your B2B webinar leads will keep them remembering you. Retargeting ads should complement your other marketing tactics. You don’t want to email webinar leads with a discount offer and retarget them with an awareness ad at the same time.

If you want to learn how to create a system that will help with this, check out our blog The Top 3 Marketing System Every Business Needs

Get Your B2B Leads to Take Action

You should always make it easy for your B2B prospects to take the next step after they have gone through your webinar funnel. Even if your leads aren’t completely ready to become customers, give them the value and education to keep learning with resources and ways to engage, like E-Books, Checklists, more Webinars, Blogs and helpful Tips.

Make sure you are always giving your B2B leads a clear call to action and highlighting its benefits. This will give your B2B prospects how to take the next step with your business.


Webinar leads can be some of your best leads. To make sure you get the best of our webinar leads, remember to always follow up and be giving value!