Why Elon Musk is the KEY to Social Media in 2019

Let’s face it,

In 2019, Personal Branding is key and where everyone is looking to is year. We are ALL following someone who is famous. This doesn’t always mean an actor, singer or YouTuber. How many people do you follow that are business owners? CEO’s? Motivational Coaches/Speakers? Who doesn’t follow Elon Musk on Twitter to see what is new with his company, Tesla, and in his life?

Take a look,

Tesla’s Twitter account has 3.6 million followers. Sounds great right?


Now let’s take a look and compare it to the CEO and Founder of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk’s, Twitter account…


26.2 MILLION followers. Though Elon doesn’t stick to a “business-type” social media. He promotes his products and brands just the same as the actual company, Tesla, would on social media.

That’s a large number of people who are ONLY following the CEO and Founder, Elon Musk, over the actual Tesla automotive company. People like to see an actual person behind a brand, rather than just following a company. This makes it more personable, and we, as human beings, like to connect more with a personal brand, such as Elon Musk, Grant Cardone, Kim Kardashian, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and any other CEO.

If that doesn’t prove how powerful personal brands are in 2019, then you’re missing out!

In 2019, business owners ARE celebrities. And we need to start embracing the fact that, as business owners, building your own personal brand on social media will be the best way to get leads into your business, and growing your company’s revenue. Another great way is to get your sales team to start their own personal brand on social media. Your sales team will act as representatives of the brand and business, and sharing/mentioning your business in front of MILLIONS of people.

Stay tuned for next week to learn more about how you can start building your own personal brand on social media.

This One Mistake Is Costing Dealerships Across Canada Millions!

Go Digital or Risk Extinction

Dealerships are at risk of going the way of Kodak. By clinging to the traditional way of doing business, they're missing out on huge opportunity and practically inviting startups to come in and disrupt their space. In particular i'm speaking in regards to the way they reach out, attract, and engage with new customers.

Customers are making decisions In A New Way

As of 2017, 90% of purchase decisions are now made online, failing to create a powerful presence in this space will have dire consequences. In the short term, this will result in countless customers and deals lost. In the long term, it will result in the downfall of the dealership as we know it, as startups work to bring high-tech into the world of automotive sales.

Let's Get Specific

Online presence is a broad term so lets narrow it down. The quantity and quality of your online reviews, social media profiles, and business listings all play a role in how customers find your dealership online. These key factors also play a role in helping customers decide how they feel about your business. As in, do they trust you and are they willing to spend their money with you?

The Punchline

So you might be asking... how are dealerships loosing millions of dollars each year? Recent studies show that businesses with a positive online presence generate between 5 - 9% each year. Now every dealership is different, but lets just assume your dealership generates about 2 million per year in gross revenue. A 5 - 9% increase would equate to roughly between 100,000 - $200,000 dollars a year. Multiply that by the number of dealerships in Canada with a weak online presence , and I promise you the number will be in the hundreds of millions if not billions. That is quite an opportunity.

How your dealership can capture a slice of that million dollar pie!

First and foremost make sure your dealership comes up on google with an accurate location page, relevant pictures, and most importantly positive reviews. Google reviews are king! Not Reviewsii, or any other self contained review platform. Google reviews will boost your rank in search by as much as 25%! They are also the most trusted and most frequented review score visited by consumers. 

Now if you have decent google reviews but you have not received any new ones in a while, it's time to put a strategy in place to collect more. Dozens of great strategies exist, and we're happy to point you in the right direction if you shoot us an email at

The next thing you need to do, the thing that 99% of dealerships fail at, is build a powerful and dominating social media presence. A strong social media strategy across as many relevant platforms as possible will be crucial to your online success. It will increase your rank in local search, increase relevancy, validate consume decisions, and increase brand awareness. I could write a book on social media strategy, tools, and hacks, but lets just save that for another day. You know how to reach us for more info.

The last and simplest tool to get a slice of that million dollar pie is business listings. Business listings are simply places online that list your business information. If these listings have inconsistent information, or missing information, your relevancy in local search and overall SEO will suffer. Make sure you frequently browse the top 10 Canadian listings sites, and check for correct business data. 

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