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The Top 3 Skills You NEED to Close Those Leads

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Social media marketing is a great way to bring in and sales and build your personal or business brand to grow. There are many benefits to advertising on social media. You can target any type of audience into any type of industry for a cheap dollar. But to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or any other type of social ads successfully, you need to learn what to do when the leads start coming in.

When you’re using social media marketing to bring in leads to your business, there is one issue that we see a lot of businesses have AFTER they have created a campaign. They don’t have the sales skills to close them!

So to be successful in your current and future social media marketing campaigns, here are The Top 3 Skills You Need to Close Those Leads from your social media campaigns. If you're a manager, here's what you should be teaching your team!


Stay Positive, ALWAYS.

Have you ever been on the other side of a sales call? Was it obvious that they were miserable and that you were probably there 80th call of the day? It’s not a great feeling. No one likes to feel like they are a nuisance or that you don’t care about their purchase.

Make sure when you are calling, emailing, or leaving voicemails for your lead you are keeping a happy tone, creating a positive reaction and overall experience. This means not giving (an obvious) scripted email or call, saying “we can’t…” and any type of negativity. Overall, don’t sound like a robot. Be personable! First impressions are SO important. When you are closing or following up with your social media marketing leads, make sure you are showing your best sales self!

Be Coachable

Learn, learn, LEARN! If I didn’t say it enough there, keep learning. Watch some YouTube videos, read some articles on, buy some courses, or follow some great mentors like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, Billy Gene or any others you find online!


Making yourself aware where you can improve and make sure that you improve it is also a great way to make yourself coachable. Ego can sometimes get in the way of improving your sales skills. Be a curious learner, looking for new skills and mentors.

Also, ALWAYS PRACTICE! Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to be doing a sales role play on your friends, family or co-workers. But it is 100% worth the effort in the end when you can close your leads easily, without the nerves or the stumbling. You can always take classes and courses on public speaking, sales, or any other type of skill you want to improve on!

Be Organized

When creating social media marketing lead generation campaigns, you are collecting information from your leads. This can be gathering emails, names, phone numbers, and more. You need to find a place to store these lead’s information so it is easier for you to locate and get in touch with them!

Another great way to stay organized when you are closing leads, is to stick to a simple script. Now, like we said earlier, we don’t want to sound like a robot. This can be obvious that you are sticking to a script and it isn’t personable. Which ultimately leads to an unhappy experience and you can lose that sale.

But it can be helpful to have a simple script-type copy that follows a conversation. Make points in an order that you want the conversation to go. This can include questions to ask your lead, as well as some reminder points that you want to bring up during the call! This can help you stay on point, know your FAQ, and will help you learn to adapt to the changing questions and conversations that will come up during your interaction!

What are some skills you think are important for closing a lead or prospect? Let us know in the comments below!