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Why You Need To Use Videos In Your Social Media Advertising

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Let’s start by posing a question. You are a consumer looking to make an online purchase of a product or service. There are two companies to choose from, Company A and Company B. Both are active on social media by making regular posts, uploading pictures and responding to inquiries. But Company A also uploads videos once a week. They have an educational series that provides valuable insights into the business. They post testimonials with real clients and the work that was completed. They show the office environment with the people who work for the company - the people you are looking to buy that product or service from. 

If all else is comparable, who are you going to choose? The answer is simple. Company A every time. 

Better content produces better results, and everybody is in this business for better results. “Better content” is the key, as successful as videos can be they can also have the opposite effect if not utilized properly.

We will outline the important information you need to know before incorporating videos for your social media marketing campaigns.

Who Is Using Your Platforms?

Before you can start. You will need to gather information from your own channels, but don’t worry this is the easy part. What are the demographics (age, gender etc) of your followers on your platforms? This will help you determine the style and language that will best reach your desired audience. It should also help you decide which of your platforms is best to upload the video. Which of your platforms has the most engaged followers? You will need to know this before proceeding otherwise you will be wasting money creating redundant videos with little engagement.

Length Matters

Everybody has watched a video; regardless of its purpose, that drags on far too long and causes you to tune out the information being presented or even worse, turning the video off completely. People do have an attention span that needs to be understood. 

Try and keep the video between 30-60 seconds when only presenting limited information. This will ensure the viewers don’t get bored and keeps the content engaging. 

This doesn’t mean that longer videos won’t work, but you need to consider when posting a longer video “Is this the best way to deliver this information?” Many Facebook videos longer than 90 seconds have had lots of success and the average YouTube video is one hour long. But in order to keep the engagement high for these videos, you need to ensure the quality is top-notch. 


Videos Add Value to Existing Content

Videos are an excellent way to enhance your content. Videos are great for enhancing the value behind your copy. A well-executed video can give your brand life and creates an identity that consumers can remember. Videos are more personal than a post. When a customer watches a video it gives them an inside look into what your business represents. Do you have an update about a particular product or service? Or an important piece of information that needs to be shared? Don’t just type it out. Film a quick video and TELL them. 

By doing this you are putting a face to your brand. People buy from people, and the more you can put a face to your brand, the more money you can make.

Videos Provide More Data Than a Photo

You might be thinking.”Videos take too much time, pictures are quicker and easier.” But how much data can you really get from a photo  A photo can tell you how many people liked the photo. Great, now what. You can post a 30-second video on Facebook and see how many people watched the entire video or how many people turned it off after five seconds.

That information allows you to see which people were more engaged with your video and therefore more engaged with your product or service. Now you know which people are better to re-target for advertising campaigns and which people are more likely to request more information or make a purchase. This will save your company time and money on more costly advertising measures, as now you know the exact people within your audience to focus more attention on. 

Videos Create a Lifetime of Value

The more videos you upload whether it be on Facebook or YouTube creates long-term value that can always be accessed by you or your customers. All the data that each video contains stays in your library forever. Every time the video is watched or re-watched more data is collected and can be drawn upon by you anytime you need it. 

What can that picture you uploaded two weeks ago with 30 likes really do for you?

As you continue to add videos to your library and collect the corresponding data that goes with it, a more clearly defined and engaged audience will become more clear. It will become easier and cheaper to advertise to that audience, and that audience will continue to grow and your revenues will increase. 


The Cost Myth

One of the biggest misconceptions about videos is that they cost too much.

  • Tweets that include video see 10x the engagement as tweets without

  • LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video over a post

  • stories have become integral to Instagram's growth and success.

Do you want more tips on how to better advertise with social media? Click on the button below to gain access to our free e-book outlining our “7-Figure Social Media Marketing System” This e-book outlines the steps we take to maximize advertising for your business with social media. Our process has generated millions of dollars in revenue for our client's video is currently the best performing content type of Facebook money and isn’t good for ROI.

What if I were to tell you the opposite is true. Industry-leading marketers are adamant that using videos properly will provide a better ROI than the photo’s alone. One of the critiques is the high upfront costs of the video camera and all its equipment along with video editing software, but again this isn’t the whole truth. You do not need to buy an expensive camera to utilize video content. We don’t think twice about pulling out our smartphone and taking a picture regardless of the importance, so why are Instagram we skeptical about using our smartphones to record video.

The recording from your phone is often perceived as organic by the person watching it which usually increases trust. More proof of this is the rise of vloggers along with their success and influence. Here are some stats that prove the importance of video.ver the past 24 months and have landed us in the top 3 social media advertising companies in Canada. We’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have too. 

Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working, And How to Fix Them

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So you’ve attempted Facebook Advertisements and they didn’t really perform as well as you had hoped. You’re not the only one!

Facebook’s ad platform has never been the easiest to navigate and work with, especially when you are getting random glitches that delete your whole campaign, then bring them back after a careful reloading of the page. Let’s just say, you spend more more time trying to get Facebook to work with you, not against you!

To make creating Facebook Ads a little easier in your busy life, here are some problems that might have made your Facebook Ads stop working the way they used to.

You Don’t Have a Specific Goal

A mistake a lot of people make when creating Facebook Ads is not choosing the correct objective for their ads. This means exactly as it sounds. Why are you creating your Facebook Ad? If you are wanting to build awareness for your business or brand, creating a “Brand Awareness” “Video Views” (if it is a video) or a “Reach” ad would be best. So on for wanting more engagement, traffic to your website, downloading an app, wanting direct sales and more.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 12.47.50 PM.png

You’re Images Are Not Optimized for Facebook

Choosing the images you are going to use for your Facebook advertisements are very important. Not only does the image you choose have to catch your customer’s eye, it also has to be in line with Facebook Advertising guidelines and rules. 

This includes making sure that there is less than 20% text in your ad images, your images are relevant to the ad you are putting out, and the format of the picture or video is the right size and resolution. 

In not doing these, your Facebook Ads will be disapproved, or will not be optimized for the best possible results they can give! 

You’re Using the Wrong Ad Format for Your Ad

A common thought about Facebook Advertising is that there is only one type of ad that you can run. When really, there are tons! Types include: 

Carousel Ads: Multiple photos of videos in a carousel fashion (swipe

Video Ads: Using a video with a Call to Action button

Lead Generation Ads: To get Names, Emails, Numbers or any other information on your customer

Photo Ads: Using a photo with a Call to Action button

Dynamic Ads: An ad template that automatically uses images and details from customer data feeds and chooses products specifically for customers based on interests, behaviours, etc.

You’re Targeting is Too Broad, or Too Specific

Sometimes when we are choosing a target audience to show our Facebook Ads to, we end up making our audience way too specific, or way too broad.  

Research goes a long way to deciding who to target. Really make sure that you’re only choosing the top 3-5 demographics from your Facebook Insights Tool when creating a target audience for your ads to avoid becoming too broad or specific.

audience size1.png

A great tool that Facebook embedded into their Ad Platform is “Audience Size” on the right side when choosing your audience (see on the right) . This will help you define your audience and know whether or not your audience is too specific, too broad, or just perfect!

You Only Have One Ad Set With a Lot of Ads

Facebook Ad campaigns are based around ad sets. It might seem easiest to keep everything in one ad set, but Facebook is most likely going to give most of the reach in an ad set to only one of your ads. So if you put 20 ads into your ad set, most of them won’t be showed either as much or at all to enough people. This means that you wont know which creatives test better than others!

You’re Not Testing!

Test, test, test! To become a pro in Facebook Advertising, you need to be testing everything. This includes CTA’s, different photos, a variation of the same photo, video, headlines, and text/copy. Like I said earlier, if you don’t test variations of your ads, you’ll never know which ones could be the one that sells!

We have had Ads that tested all variables of examples above, and sometimes the most un-usual ones will be the best performing ads!

You can also test different ad formats depending on your business. For example, if you are in the retail or food industry, testing out carousel ads and dynamic ads might work better than a video or photo ad.

Keeping your Facebook Ads new and refreshed every couple months is also key to making sure your ads stay optimized, new, and exciting to your audience!


You Are Using Too Much Text

This isn’t uncommon for business owners to do. Many people have so much they want to say, but don’t have enough room to say so. Think of Twitter having a character count on their tweets, but for Facebook Ads.

You have to remember as well, the social media world works a lot faster than traditional advertising. Older commercials on radio or television were a lot longer with classic theme songs we all love and remember because we had the attention span for it. In this 2019, fast-paced, online world, not so much.

People who are scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feeds will only catch the first couple words of your ad before going on to the next post. Making your ads with shorter, to-the-point text will help improve your ad tremendously.

A safe amount is between 1-4 paragraphs!

You Are Targeting a Cold Audience

Now, you wouldn’t walk up you a stranger and say “Buy my product”. So why do it over social media? Facebook Advertising (as well as classic sales) will ALWAYS work better when you are selling to a warm audience.

This means getting your ads in front of an audience you already knows who you are, is interested in your business already, or wants to know more about your business. We like to create this warm audience on Facebook by creating a series of different campaigns (2-3) that warm up your audience, give something in return, and then offer them something. This could be a product, service, discount, consultation, or more.

If you want to learn more about our Facebook Ads process, you can download our FREE E-Book “Social Media Sales Funnels Secrets”


How to Make More Sales with Instagram Direct Messages

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We all know that Instagram offers tons of tools to promote your brand and business on social media, like stories, IGTV, ads, likes, posts and comments. But the most under-used tool on Instagram, that really gets a conversation going with a lead, is Direct Messages! 

Direct Messages’ original purpose was not for business. But what other messenger system was? Thousands of brands are developing chatbots for their pages on Facebook, and they work very well! So why aren’t we using Instagram Direct Messages with the same idea of reaching out to potential customers?   

Instagram DM (Direct Message) is great, if you know how to use it.

Have a Conversation Planned

What is the first thing you will be saying to these people? You don’t want to sell to who you are reaching out to right away, since we wouldn’t do that in person! So what will you say? Plan out a mini script of how a conversation can flow into the conversation you want. This means adding questions and steering it to the way the script is, to eventually get to the point of selling. 


If you want an idea or script you can use for almost any business, you can download our 11 Direct Messaging templates at the very bottom of the page!

Search Hashtags

The next thing you need to have planned out, is how you are going to find your customers. You don’t want to be messaging random people in the hundreds for 2 reasons. 

  1. Instagram only allows you to message 15 people a day.

  2. You won’t really know who you are messaging and they may not be your target customer at all.

Hashtags to look for are ones that are relevant to your business, and what your customers would be hash tagging. For example, we worked with an online retail company who sold products for pregnant women. When Direct Messaging them, we would search a common hashtag that use on their posts so we could find them. A great one we used was “#babyannouncement” because when people find out they are pregnant, they will post and use this hashtag. 

Search Locations

Locations is the same idea as using hashtags for finding people to DM. Unfortunately, you cannot search a hashtag IN a location. But if you are looking for a generic person, but in a specific location, searching the tagged location you need. 

Or, you can use the hashtag (ie. #barrieontario) and look for people that way, as well as searching for a specific person or business (i.e #barriebusiness or #barrielawyer) and find people who have used that hashtag in their posts. 

Look at Profiles (Who Are They) 

Before deciding to Direct Message as many people as you can, really take a look at who you are messaging. Just because they tag a certain location, does not mean they live there. Just because they hashtag “#baby”, does not mean that they have/having a baby. 

Check out if they are a serious account (not fake), see what kind of stuff they post and the overall vibe and personality you get from them. This makes it easier to DM them since you know them a little bit more. Plus, we do that in person anyway when we go to network or make a sale, so why not here? 

Comment on Photos/Videos, or Start the DM’s

After checking out their profile and getting to know them a bit more, decide if they would be the right type of customer that you would want. If it makes sense and you can help them, you can DM them, or even just like or comment on a post. 

REMEMBER, your initial comment or DM should not be selling right away. Just start a conversation. 


If you need some help creating a script, download our 11 Direct Messaging templates below!


Social Media Marketing: Expectation Vs. Reality

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Recording a Video to Post or a Live Video

Expectation: Video goes smoothly, you remember everything you wanted to talk about, and it gets 1,000,000 views!

Reality: 35 takes later, forgets literally everything you have planned that you wanted to say. Saying “like”, “uh” and “um” WAY too much. Also, it only got 20 views.


Posting a Question to Get Feedback on a New Product

Expectation: Lots of people give their opinions, you get genuine feedback from your question. Everyone is discussing back and forth on what their thoughts are.

Reality: One person comments a thumbs up emoji.

giphy (1).gif

Posting an Amazing New Product You Released

Expectation: Sells out in 24 hours. Everyone loves it. Gets featured in a popular article for being SUCH a cool product. Gains 1,000 new followers and customers.

Reality: 5 people buy it. Most of them are family supporting your business.

giphy (3).gif

Posting a Hilarious Joke

Expectation: Everyone loves it and totally relates to it. High fiving yourself because you, are so engaging and relatable to your followers.

Reality: It only gets 10 likes, one person comments “I don’t get it”.

giphy (4).gif

Discovering How to Create an Ad on Facebook

Expectation: Going to create the best Facebook Ad Campaign in my industry. It’s so easy, anyone can do it. Only spending $100, but going to sell out of product right away! Gets 50,000,000 views on the ads and they go viral.

Reality: No sales come from it. You lose $100 because you didn’t spend enough. You only reach 5,000 people. Definitely didn’t go viral.

giphy (2).gif

You Work with an Agency to Grow Your Business and Sales

Expectation: I can do it better, and for cheaper. I don’t need to hire an agency. If anything I’ll hire a summer student or Freelancer.

Reality: Cheaper than hiring a staff member. You get a whole team instead of one person that has experience building ads and making money, as well as other services!

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How to Boost a Post on Instagram

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Before you start, make sure that you have a Business Account, connected to your business’ Facebook page. If you haven’t yet, check out our blog on “The Difference Between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Profile”.

Let’s get started!

1. Pick your Business’ Instagram account that is connected to an existing Facebook Business Page (your business’ Facebook Page).

2. Click “Promote”, the blue button on the bottom right corner of the post you want to boost.

Pro Tip: Choose a post with the most high-quality, and has shown to be a popular post that has had good engagement on already. This will help show you if it will be popular to other people as well that are not following you already.


3. Pick a goal for your Instagram post’s Boost.

Instagram will ask you whether you want to attract more profile visits, website traffic, or promotion views. Make sure you are choosing the best option that suits what your goal is..


4. Choose an audience for your post.

Choose from three different targeting options: Automatic, Local, and Manual.

Automatic tells Instagram to target people who are just like your followers

Local lets you target people in a specific location

Manual lets you target specific people, places, or interests.


5. Set your budget for the Boosted post, and the duration of the Boost.


6. There you go!

Your Instagram or Facebook “Insights” will show you the stats and details of your Boosted post after and throughout the duration of it.

The Top 6 Blogs This Year: Blog Round-Up

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We gathered some of the most valuable blogs we have written this year to make sure that you are getting all the best information you need to get started on social media marketing your business!

Check them out.

1. Why You Should Be Using Pinterest For Your Business

If your in the business of food, fashion, blogging, or even the marketing business, you need to be using Pinterest. With over 150 million bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses using it, Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic to your website, blogs, or any other place you want your audience to go to! Here is why should be using Pinterest to grow your business!

2. Everything You Need to Know About Creating Great Social Media Content

This blog post takes you through understanding what social media content is, the types of social media content, and how to create the best type of content for your business.

3. The Best Times to Post On Social Media

Many businesses post on their social media when it is convenient for them. But when you use social media for your business, there are certain times that are best to post on your social media! Learn when to post your content at the best times of the day for your business.

4. The Top 3 Skills You Need to Close Those Leads

When you’re using social media marketing to bring in leads to your business, there is one issue that we see a lot of businesses have AFTER they have created a campaign. They don’t have the sales skills to close them!

5. Why Elon Musk is the KEY to Social Media in 2019

In 2019, Personal Branding is key and where everyone is looking to is year. We are ALL following someone who is famous. This doesn’t always mean an actor, singer or YouTuber.

6. The Top 5 Resources for Building Your Personal Brand

Building your personal brand on social media in 2019 is a MUST for your business. We understand that creating content for your personal brand that your followers will love can be time consuming and difficult when your running your business at the same time. But doing it will pay off when you are seen as the authority and influencer in your industry!

That’s some of the best ones so far that we love! Keep looking every Wednesday for new blogs from us!

The Top 5 Resources for Building Your Personal Brand

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Building your personal brand on social media in 2019 is a MUST for your business. We understand that creating content for your personal brand that your followers will love can be time consuming and difficult when your running your business at the same time. But doing it will pay off when you are seen as the authority and influencer in your industry!

So to help you make building your personal brand for your business a little easier and less time consuming, here at the Top 5 Resources that you should be using to grow your personal brand this year!

Top 5 Resources for Personal Brand (1).png

Do you use a different type of resource for your personal brand? Let us know in the comments below!

Why Elon Musk is the KEY to Social Media in 2019

Let’s face it,

In 2019, Personal Branding is key and where everyone is looking to is year. We are ALL following someone who is famous. This doesn’t always mean an actor, singer or YouTuber. How many people do you follow that are business owners? CEO’s? Motivational Coaches/Speakers? Who doesn’t follow Elon Musk on Twitter to see what is new with his company, Tesla, and in his life?

Take a look,

Tesla’s Twitter account has 3.6 million followers. Sounds great right?


Now let’s take a look and compare it to the CEO and Founder of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk’s, Twitter account…


26.2 MILLION followers. Though Elon doesn’t stick to a “business-type” social media. He promotes his products and brands just the same as the actual company, Tesla, would on social media.

That’s a large number of people who are ONLY following the CEO and Founder, Elon Musk, over the actual Tesla automotive company. People like to see an actual person behind a brand, rather than just following a company. This makes it more personable, and we, as human beings, like to connect more with a personal brand, such as Elon Musk, Grant Cardone, Kim Kardashian, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and any other CEO.

If that doesn’t prove how powerful personal brands are in 2019, then you’re missing out!

In 2019, business owners ARE celebrities. And we need to start embracing the fact that, as business owners, building your own personal brand on social media will be the best way to get leads into your business, and growing your company’s revenue. Another great way is to get your sales team to start their own personal brand on social media. Your sales team will act as representatives of the brand and business, and sharing/mentioning your business in front of MILLIONS of people.

Stay tuned for next week to learn more about how you can start building your own personal brand on social media.

The Top 3 Skills You NEED to Close Those Leads

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Social media marketing is a great way to bring in and sales and build your personal or business brand to grow. There are many benefits to advertising on social media. You can target any type of audience into any type of industry for a cheap dollar. But to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or any other type of social ads successfully, you need to learn what to do when the leads start coming in.

When you’re using social media marketing to bring in leads to your business, there is one issue that we see a lot of businesses have AFTER they have created a campaign. They don’t have the sales skills to close them!

So to be successful in your current and future social media marketing campaigns, here are The Top 3 Skills You Need to Close Those Leads from your social media campaigns. If you're a manager, here's what you should be teaching your team!


Stay Positive, ALWAYS.

Have you ever been on the other side of a sales call? Was it obvious that they were miserable and that you were probably there 80th call of the day? It’s not a great feeling. No one likes to feel like they are a nuisance or that you don’t care about their purchase.

Make sure when you are calling, emailing, or leaving voicemails for your lead you are keeping a happy tone, creating a positive reaction and overall experience. This means not giving (an obvious) scripted email or call, saying “we can’t…” and any type of negativity. Overall, don’t sound like a robot. Be personable! First impressions are SO important. When you are closing or following up with your social media marketing leads, make sure you are showing your best sales self!

Be Coachable

Learn, learn, LEARN! If I didn’t say it enough there, keep learning. Watch some YouTube videos, read some articles on, buy some courses, or follow some great mentors like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, Billy Gene or any others you find online!


Making yourself aware where you can improve and make sure that you improve it is also a great way to make yourself coachable. Ego can sometimes get in the way of improving your sales skills. Be a curious learner, looking for new skills and mentors.

Also, ALWAYS PRACTICE! Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to be doing a sales role play on your friends, family or co-workers. But it is 100% worth the effort in the end when you can close your leads easily, without the nerves or the stumbling. You can always take classes and courses on public speaking, sales, or any other type of skill you want to improve on!

Be Organized

When creating social media marketing lead generation campaigns, you are collecting information from your leads. This can be gathering emails, names, phone numbers, and more. You need to find a place to store these lead’s information so it is easier for you to locate and get in touch with them!

Another great way to stay organized when you are closing leads, is to stick to a simple script. Now, like we said earlier, we don’t want to sound like a robot. This can be obvious that you are sticking to a script and it isn’t personable. Which ultimately leads to an unhappy experience and you can lose that sale.

But it can be helpful to have a simple script-type copy that follows a conversation. Make points in an order that you want the conversation to go. This can include questions to ask your lead, as well as some reminder points that you want to bring up during the call! This can help you stay on point, know your FAQ, and will help you learn to adapt to the changing questions and conversations that will come up during your interaction!

What are some skills you think are important for closing a lead or prospect? Let us know in the comments below!

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest for Your Business

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If your in the business of food, fashion, blogging, or even the marketing business, you need to be using Pinterest. With over 150 million bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses using it, Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic to your website, blogs, or any other place you want your audience to go to! Here is why should be using Pinterest to grow your business!

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest

Like I said earlier, Pinterest is such a great way to increase traffic to your website, blogs, social media channels and more. Other benefits of using Pinterest for your business that are unique to Pinterest are the high engagement, and long lasting content.

If you’ve never used Pinterest before to quickly find and save recipes or a DIY project, then you’re missing out! Pinterest is great for sharing links of photos of your products that customers can save and share. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where people can share your post once, Pinterest has the ability to share your post and become looked at over and over again. Making content “long lasting”.


Just like any other social media platform, you are able to create targeted advertisements to your audience. Like most social advertising, this platforms ads MUST be visually beautiful. Especially if you want someone to be saving your ad to a “Pinterest Board”. Pinterest also informs you of emerging trends in your industry/community and gives you access to its own analytics so you can track and record your Pinterest efforts. This feature is only available to Pinterest Business Accounts. If you haven't already created one, learn how!

Like most social media platforms, Pinterest gives you access to simple tutorials on their website and is easily available on any device.

Let’s See Those Stats...

Research shows that:

  • 66% of Pinners use products/services that they see on Pinterest or are being used by other Pinners (blog, websites)

  • 87% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy

  • 93% of the Pinners use Pinterest to plan future purchases

Research done by Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company, showed that the average order value from referral traffic from Pinterest was $58.95 where Facebook’s was $55.00


Use Pinterest, Have Fun!

Pinterest is a great place to share (or “pin”) great ideas and thoughts to your audience. It is also a good place to collaborate with other companies or Pinners on topics that people are interested in. One way to collaborate is simply adding a friend or colleague to a “board” (a topic that you can save pins to) on your profile, where they can add ideas and posts that they think relates.

Pinterest also lets you create fun contests, scavenger hunts, hashtags and more to make people more engaged in your company. If you create a contest or promotion on any of your social media channels, you can spread them onto Pinterest or share that you have “Pinterest Scavenger Hunt”. You can share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get people to go onto those other channels of social media increasing audience engagement and traffic on both accounts.