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Why You Need To Use Videos In Your Social Media Advertising

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Let’s start by posing a question. You are a consumer looking to make an online purchase of a product or service. There are two companies to choose from, Company A and Company B. Both are active on social media by making regular posts, uploading pictures and responding to inquiries. But Company A also uploads videos once a week. They have an educational series that provides valuable insights into the business. They post testimonials with real clients and the work that was completed. They show the office environment with the people who work for the company - the people you are looking to buy that product or service from. 

If all else is comparable, who are you going to choose? The answer is simple. Company A every time. 

Better content produces better results, and everybody is in this business for better results. “Better content” is the key, as successful as videos can be they can also have the opposite effect if not utilized properly.

We will outline the important information you need to know before incorporating videos for your social media marketing campaigns.

Who Is Using Your Platforms?

Before you can start. You will need to gather information from your own channels, but don’t worry this is the easy part. What are the demographics (age, gender etc) of your followers on your platforms? This will help you determine the style and language that will best reach your desired audience. It should also help you decide which of your platforms is best to upload the video. Which of your platforms has the most engaged followers? You will need to know this before proceeding otherwise you will be wasting money creating redundant videos with little engagement.

Length Matters

Everybody has watched a video; regardless of its purpose, that drags on far too long and causes you to tune out the information being presented or even worse, turning the video off completely. People do have an attention span that needs to be understood. 

Try and keep the video between 30-60 seconds when only presenting limited information. This will ensure the viewers don’t get bored and keeps the content engaging. 

This doesn’t mean that longer videos won’t work, but you need to consider when posting a longer video “Is this the best way to deliver this information?” Many Facebook videos longer than 90 seconds have had lots of success and the average YouTube video is one hour long. But in order to keep the engagement high for these videos, you need to ensure the quality is top-notch. 


Videos Add Value to Existing Content

Videos are an excellent way to enhance your content. Videos are great for enhancing the value behind your copy. A well-executed video can give your brand life and creates an identity that consumers can remember. Videos are more personal than a post. When a customer watches a video it gives them an inside look into what your business represents. Do you have an update about a particular product or service? Or an important piece of information that needs to be shared? Don’t just type it out. Film a quick video and TELL them. 

By doing this you are putting a face to your brand. People buy from people, and the more you can put a face to your brand, the more money you can make.

Videos Provide More Data Than a Photo

You might be thinking.”Videos take too much time, pictures are quicker and easier.” But how much data can you really get from a photo  A photo can tell you how many people liked the photo. Great, now what. You can post a 30-second video on Facebook and see how many people watched the entire video or how many people turned it off after five seconds.

That information allows you to see which people were more engaged with your video and therefore more engaged with your product or service. Now you know which people are better to re-target for advertising campaigns and which people are more likely to request more information or make a purchase. This will save your company time and money on more costly advertising measures, as now you know the exact people within your audience to focus more attention on. 

Videos Create a Lifetime of Value

The more videos you upload whether it be on Facebook or YouTube creates long-term value that can always be accessed by you or your customers. All the data that each video contains stays in your library forever. Every time the video is watched or re-watched more data is collected and can be drawn upon by you anytime you need it. 

What can that picture you uploaded two weeks ago with 30 likes really do for you?

As you continue to add videos to your library and collect the corresponding data that goes with it, a more clearly defined and engaged audience will become more clear. It will become easier and cheaper to advertise to that audience, and that audience will continue to grow and your revenues will increase. 


The Cost Myth

One of the biggest misconceptions about videos is that they cost too much.

  • Tweets that include video see 10x the engagement as tweets without

  • LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video over a post

  • stories have become integral to Instagram's growth and success.

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What if I were to tell you the opposite is true. Industry-leading marketers are adamant that using videos properly will provide a better ROI than the photo’s alone. One of the critiques is the high upfront costs of the video camera and all its equipment along with video editing software, but again this isn’t the whole truth. You do not need to buy an expensive camera to utilize video content. We don’t think twice about pulling out our smartphone and taking a picture regardless of the importance, so why are Instagram we skeptical about using our smartphones to record video.

The recording from your phone is often perceived as organic by the person watching it which usually increases trust. More proof of this is the rise of vloggers along with their success and influence. Here are some stats that prove the importance of video.ver the past 24 months and have landed us in the top 3 social media advertising companies in Canada. We’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have too.