Why Every Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur Needs a Virtual Office

No one understands the difficulty of traveling, saving money, growing a business and time management than a small business owner or entrepreneur. With technology advancements today, Virtual Offices have become the solution!

The traditional physical office environment was that we could only conduct business or access data files between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Now a days, business rules have changed to allow professionals to conduct business or to access data files at any time during the day.


We Know You’re Constantly on the Go

Work from anywhere in the world! With your business and brand growing, traveling as an entrepreneur, blogger, or small business owner can be stressful. Trying to find a place to work, at times that are convenient for you, can be difficult!

If you’re in Toronto on Tuesday, then on Wednesday you’re in Barrie, and for the rest of the week you’re in London but your office is somewhere else, having a reception service will make sure all of your calls are answered professionally and forwarded to you wherever you are! Isn’t that helpful?

Employees Can Work From Anywhere

This goes hand in hand with constantly being on the go, because it’s not always just you, the business owner, being busy traveling all the time! It can also be your staff or sales people traveling from one place to another.

It’s So Flexible!

Virtual office space in business centres are continuing to expand over the years to provide services and offer current technology/equipment. Virtual offices gives you the flexibility that your workers need to conduct business while enjoying the ability to work on their terms. What sounds better than that?!

Save Money

The best part of working from a Virtual Office is all of the savings!

Business owners no longer must be burdened with the financial costs of setting up an office that were typically necessary in the past. Office costs for rent, furniture, decorators, lighting, equipment, staff, utilities, IT equipment and materials can all be eliminated, because they’re included in the virtual office environment.

Working with a Business Centre saves you TONS of time and money! One of the best parts of some of these virtual office packages is that you can actually rent an office or conference room for as little as an hour at a time – at unbelievably low costs – like from only $15 an hour!

SuiteWorks Business Centre, Barrie, Ontario

SuiteWorks Business Centre, Barrie, Ontario

A great Business Centre to check out for any type of office space you need, is SuiteWorks Business Centre! They are located right here in Barrie, Ontario at 92 Caplan Avenue.

SuiteWorks brings together like-minded professionals that want all the amenities, facilities and technology of a modern vibrant office space, with the added benefit of networking and the flexibility of customizable packages.

Join them for events, lunch and learns, and more! Know any other business centres in the area? Comment below!