10 Social Media Post Ideas for Investors

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Creating content as an Investor can be tough and time consuming. A lot of people working in Real Estate often finding themselves wondering:

What do I post on my Instagram as content?

Should I make my whole Instagram listings?

So here are 10 Social Media Post Ideas for Investors!

Facebook Live Videos

Since it launched in 2016, Facebook Live has grown significantly from a fun tool, to a serious brand marketing tool. There has been over 3.5 billion Live videos created by millions of people around the world, engaging tons of people who watch!

Some great tips for going Live on Facebook or Instagram is to collaborate and invite guests onto your Facebook or Instagram Lives. These can include friends, industry leaders, or anyone in your working with (etc.). People love being a part and learning what you, as well as your guest have to say and what knowledge you bring to the table.

Ask Your Followers Questions

This goes hand and hand with engaging with your followers. A good way to engage is to start a conversation with them! Want someones opinion of a new property? Ask your followers! Want to host an event and aren’t sure if its something people would be interested in? Ask your followers! Looking for someones thought on a new t-shirt? You get it.

Attending Events

Every business book, article, video and podcast EVER made will tell you this. Network! Yes, it is still an amazing way to meet new people, find new deals, and build relationships! But on the social media side of being an Investor, going to events is a great way to capture content fo your social media.

Broadcast the event, post about it all night, take photos with your friends, industry leaders and anything else that people not at this event would LOVE to see you doing. This let’s your followers become apart of the event, just by sharing it with them!

Promoting Services

Your an Investor, you probably run your own business, have a podcast, sell/buy property and/or products, the options are endless! so promote it! Though the one issue that almost 80% of businesses do wrong on social media is not following the 80/20 rule. What is the 8/20 rule? It means creating content that is 80% FOR the consumer (entertainment, value etc.) and 20% promotion of yourself or your business. Follow it, and you’ll stay golden!

Past Client & Current Clients

Post about your past clients. Where are they? How are they doing? Are they still doing well? What is their story? We want to know! And of course, don’t forget to create content around your current clients as well. We want to see that you are still buying and selling properties, who you’re working with and more. On social media, people want to know EVERYTHING. So give it to them!

Stories From Your Past

Like I said, everything! Tell your followers how you started, your first deal, where you grew up. And if you’re brave enough, show some photos and relevant stories from your childhood! It makes people get to know you more, feel more comfortable, and really become relatable.  

What You Are Working On/New Projects

This one is pretty self explanatory. But share what you’re working on! New deal? Post it. New project? Post it (give some hints for extra curiosity and interest). Let people know something new is always coming to be excited about.

Share Relevant Articles

Follow some industry leaders who share some valuable content? Don’t hog it all for yourself, share it with your followers! Giving people the value makes you the “Go-to” person in the Investment industry.

Personal Content

Again, to make yourself more relatable and let pople get to know you, post about your personal life once in a while! On a trip with friends or family? Going to celebrate your anniversary? Posting these types of photos or videos really makes you look personable.

Repurposing Content

That’s right. Re-use and recycle your content for even more content! This is an amazing trick for when you are unsure what to post on your social media. Just re-use that post from an event last year and do a #Thowbackthursday! Download your Facebook or Instagram Live videos to post as “In case you missed it” videos. And chop up video content from one 10 minute video, into 10 1 minute videos (60 seconds for Instagram).


If you’re REALLY looking to blow up your social media as an Investor, follow these extra pro bonus tips!

  1. Always have a call to action

  2. Always hashtag in your posts (local, relevant, not commonly used, unique)

  3. Follow hashtags on Instagram

  4. Engage with your audience! So many Investors and people who work in real estate miss this opportunity to really connect with your audience

REMEMBER: Your posts are for your followers and potential clients! Post what they want to see and engage with, not what you want to see. Figure out who they are and what they like. Learn how to figure this out in our blog Developing a Content Strategy for Your Business”.

7 Spring Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Springtime is here! The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to grow and Spring marketing plans are starting to bloom!

So the big question is….

Is your marketing ready for the Spring and Summer season?

Do Some Spring “Cleaning”

Clean up your website, social media or even your actual office! Spring is a great time to go through your prospects and follow up with them as well. PRO TIP: Your prospects and/or competition is most likely looking at their marketing plans and looking for that something “new”. So follow up before they do or choose someone else!

Add Vibrancy to your Campaigns

When Springtime comes around, everyone likes seeing the bright sun, flowers and colour that the season brings. So add it into your Spring campaigns! Colours like yellow, pink, green, blues and any type of “baby colours” are great in marketing for catching your customer’s eye in Spring. Adding a simple ‘pop’ of colour can do wonders for a Spring campaign!

Run a Spring Contest

Who doesn’t love a good contest or giveaway? Contests are such a simple trick to blow up your business this Spring. The two ways we use it for clients is to collect emails, or to grow a social media platform. We have been using this strategy for years! Super powerful. Add it to your Spring marketing plan and try it out!


Start a “Springtime” Sale

Most retail stores have seasonal sales to get rid of their previous season’s products. For example, a clothing store will have their Winter collection on sale or clearance for 50%-80% off. Or they will create a new deal (BOGO, percentage off, other incentives, etc.) to promote and sell the Spring collection. Out with the old, in with the new!

People LOVE these sales, so start thinking about how your product can have the same types of deals, or your own unique one!

Take Advantage of the AMAZING Weather and Festivals in Your Town/City

This idea is definitely my favourite. Because who doesn’t love being outside during the work week!? Depending where you live, taking advantage of your local city or town could be a fantastic addition to your Spring Marketing Plan! If you live somewhere like Barrie, Ontario (like we do), then you have the advantage to take part in many festivals, events, concerts and more to promote your business!

Most cities or towns have Spring or Summer festivals that businesses can set up stands to promote their business. If you don’t have those, find them in other towns/cities!

Another great way to market your business is creating your OWN events. This could be something simple like starting a garbage/trash collection day during the Spring to bring the community together. Or planning a large festival or event in your town. Either way, as long as you plan it, market it, and execute, people will show up. The best is when you become known as “that business that did *blank* ”.

Partner with a Local Business

Have any local business owners that you could partner with? Do it! Partnering with a local business can bring many benefits to your business. Hosting events (like I said earlier), running promotions, or selling your products through the partnership.


Promote on the Holidays

Holidays, Holidays, Holidays! Participate and add these into your Spring Marketing Plan one way or another. Even if you are just making a social media post, do it! Some other ideas are some of the ones I mentioned above. This includes running a new promotion, a contest, or partnering up with a business to offer something unique, make sure you are making your business a part of these special days.

In Ontario, Spring holidays include Mothers Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday!

What types of Marketing Ideas do you use during the Springtime to boost business? Let us know!

Why Every Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur Needs a Virtual Office

No one understands the difficulty of traveling, saving money, growing a business and time management than a small business owner or entrepreneur. With technology advancements today, Virtual Offices have become the solution!

The traditional physical office environment was that we could only conduct business or access data files between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Now a days, business rules have changed to allow professionals to conduct business or to access data files at any time during the day.


We Know You’re Constantly on the Go

Work from anywhere in the world! With your business and brand growing, traveling as an entrepreneur, blogger, or small business owner can be stressful. Trying to find a place to work, at times that are convenient for you, can be difficult!

If you’re in Toronto on Tuesday, then on Wednesday you’re in Barrie, and for the rest of the week you’re in London but your office is somewhere else, having a reception service will make sure all of your calls are answered professionally and forwarded to you wherever you are! Isn’t that helpful?

Employees Can Work From Anywhere

This goes hand in hand with constantly being on the go, because it’s not always just you, the business owner, being busy traveling all the time! It can also be your staff or sales people traveling from one place to another.

It’s So Flexible!

Virtual office space in business centres are continuing to expand over the years to provide services and offer current technology/equipment. Virtual offices gives you the flexibility that your workers need to conduct business while enjoying the ability to work on their terms. What sounds better than that?!

Save Money

The best part of working from a Virtual Office is all of the savings!

Business owners no longer must be burdened with the financial costs of setting up an office that were typically necessary in the past. Office costs for rent, furniture, decorators, lighting, equipment, staff, utilities, IT equipment and materials can all be eliminated, because they’re included in the virtual office environment.

Working with a Business Centre saves you TONS of time and money! One of the best parts of some of these virtual office packages is that you can actually rent an office or conference room for as little as an hour at a time – at unbelievably low costs – like from only $15 an hour!

SuiteWorks Business Centre, Barrie, Ontario

SuiteWorks Business Centre, Barrie, Ontario

A great Business Centre to check out for any type of office space you need, is SuiteWorks Business Centre! They are located right here in Barrie, Ontario at 92 Caplan Avenue.

SuiteWorks brings together like-minded professionals that want all the amenities, facilities and technology of a modern vibrant office space, with the added benefit of networking and the flexibility of customizable packages.

Join them for events, lunch and learns, and more! Know any other business centres in the area? Comment below!

7 Social Media Tips for Hotels

Boost Your Sales With These Tips!

Most hotels are advertising in the traditional ways of paper, referrals, and radio. However, using social media to grow your reservations and events is what is going to bring more people to your hotel and build your brand awareness  to the next level!

To help you grow your hotel business, social media, and improve your customer experience on social media, here are “7 Social Media Tips for Hotels to Boost Business”.

Visual Content Marketing infographic.png

How are you advertising your hotel business? We love seeing businesses grow, no matter what you are doing. If it’s working for you, awesome! Let us know in the comments below!

How to Run Profitable Social Media Contests

A simple easy trick to blow up your business with social media contests in 2019! We have been using this strategy for clients for years! Super powerful. Try it out!

Have you, or are you currently running social media contests for your business? Let us know in the comments!

Why the World Would End Without Instagram

You might think that I’m being a little over dramatic naming this title “Why the World Would End Without Instagram”. But in reality, it probably would! At least on the business and entertainment side of the internet.


Businesses NEED Instagram to be around and used. Personal Brands, Online Shopping as well as Viral and Educational Content are CRUCIAL to businesses in 2019.

People are using Instagram for two reasons, to be entertained, or to learn something. You can now watch your news, TV shows, celebrities and more on Instagram with features like stories, IGTV. So without it, just maybe...the world we knew as Instagram for Businesses, would end! Without Instagram…


How Would We Know What Kim Kardashian Posted Today?

Whether or not you’re guilty of it, were ALL keeping up with the Kardashians. We see them EVERYWHERE. On the news, social media, entertainment networks, on TV, everyone is watching them. The Kardashians have products they sell, but they sell because of their own personal brands!

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.03.34 PM.png


Personal brand is SO important for businesses nowadays. No one keeps up or follows Tesla on Instagram, they keep up with Elon Musk.

How Will I Find New Recipes to Learn from Buzzfeed’s “Tasty”?

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but find myself in an endless loop of food creation videos when I go onto Instagram. As soon as I find one Instagram food account, Instagram shows me another and another to follow, and I consume every piece of video content. As someone who loves to cook, I LOVE learning about new recipes that I can make!

Instagram is a great place for creating educational content. And like I said earlier, that’s what people want to see when they login to their Instagram accounts. Education and entertainment. And it can 100% be both!


How do you use this to your advantage?


When you have a follower on Instagram, there is a low chance that they have seen your product, store, service or your Personal Brand ever before. This is your opportunity to bring people in!


Start posting videos of you teaching people how to use your product/service, other people talking about your product/service, and post helpful tips that you have learned and knowledge you hold about your business or product/service.

What I’m trying to get at here, is to TEACH! The worst thing you could do is keep everything a “secret” because you want them to buy the product to find out the results. Show results in advance. Post these on your Instagram, post the history of your business. You get it.

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Follow @buzzfeedtasy to learn some delicious recipes!

How Many Followers Does The World Record Egg Have?

 If you didn’t hear about this in the beginning of January 2019, where were you?! This was everywhere. From articles, news, every platform of social media, and more.


Backstory (for some context here)...

Somebody wanted to beat Kylie Jenner’s world record photo on Instagram for the most amount of likes (it has just over 18 million), with a picture of an egg. Yes. An egg.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.05.02 PM.png

“Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this 🙌”


Millions of people found this post, like and shared it, and ultimately, it went viral. This post, of an egg, went from 0 followers and 0 likes, to 10 million followers and the world record for Instagram likes at 52 MILLION likes! No celebrities, no huge business, just the creation of an Instagram account and the photo of an egg.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.04.50 PM.png

Viral Content is one for the BEST ways for businesses to grow and sell their product/services on Instagram. Everyone will talk, like and share it, people will write articles about it and the NEWS could talk about it. Really, it’s free promotion across billions of people. No dollars spent.

To prove my point a little farther, type “Viral Egg” into Google Search. Believe me now?  Follow @world_record_egg on Instagram and watch the likes grow!


How Will I Shop and Buy New Products INSTANTLY?

Does anyone really shop in-person or at actual stores anymore? We don’t! Tons of stores and malls are starting to close since everything has gone to online shopping and E-Commerce stores. One of the best places to shop? Through Instagram!

Instagram has always been a place of engagement and taking action. It is the most engaging social media platform that millions of businesses are using to grow their brand as well as organic marketing. But ever since Instagram launched the new feature, Instagram Shopping, in 2018, that little shopping bag icon on Instagram posts and stories are BOOMING!

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 1.44.23 PM.png

Instagram Shopping is a place that gives customers a new and easier way to shop your products, all in one community. You can tag up to 5 products in a one-picture post, or up to 20 products in a multi-photo post. From Adidas to Louis Vuitton, people have been able to shop their favourite brands from all over the world!

Instagram says that more than 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business, with 200 million users visiting a business profile every day. There are so many E-Commerce businesses that sell primarily from Instagram. Without Instagram, how could businesses grow and succeed?!

I believe that without Instagram, the online business world would end! How important is Instagram to your business? Let me know in the comments what you think!

Suits Social: Recognized As a Leader by Clutch!


Suits Social is a close team of communication experts, social media strategists, and content creators based just north of Toronto, Canada. We are dedicated to helping our client’s marketing efforts keep pace with today’s consumer. Our commitment to understand our client’s brand, vision, and goals, is unparalleled.

We are so proud to boast our recognition by Clutch as the one of the top social media agencies in Canada. Specifically, Tangible Words is featured in 5th place. This is due to our highly regarded reputation in the marketing industry, longstanding reputation amongst our clients, and our known dedication to serving our client’s needs. We stay on top of the data-backed trends in social media and the general marketing world, helping businesses get ahead of the competition as we work to understand their unique needs and goals.

Senior Business Analyst Sara Philibotte says of the distinction, “Clutch’s sophisticated scoring methodology is a data-driven assessment that accounts for myriad strengths and skill sets. Companies who lead the ranks on our platform have demonstrated not only an ability to deliver, but also a competitive edge as an industry leader. Of the countless service providers in Canada we researched, these companies are truly best in class.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 9.02.18 AM.png

In order to be featured on Clutch, a B2B services ratings and reviews agency, we were extensively evaluated based on our market presence in the IT services industry. Our presence consists of our clientele, portfolio, and projects we have completed. In addition, we were also evaluated on our customer evaluations.

Additionally, our high rankings enabled us to be featured on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, as one of the top 50 influencer marketing agencies in the world. The Manifest is similar to Clutch in that it is another online database that researches top global B2B providers.

Lastly, at Suits Social we are proud to be featured on Visual Objects, one of Clutch’s other sister websites. Here, we are listed as one of the best global digital marketing agencies.

The Top 5 Resources to Up Your Instagram Game

We know that Instagram can be a little confusing and time consuming in your busy life. But we want to provide you with the right tools to take your business or brand to the next level on Instagram.

To make it a little easier, here are the top 5 resources that you NEED for your Instagram!



 Planning, creating, scheduling, and posting content can feel like a full time job. If you’re posting 3-5 times per week most people struggle to find the time. Luckily, you don’t have to create and post content minute by minute as you need it, you can actually schedule it ahead of time a great social media scheduler. When you have a variety of different social media platforms to post on, it makes it easier to schedule your content to be posted automatically, when you want them to be posted.

Some other, more advanced, content schedulers that will help you to post your amazing finished content to your Instagram are Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Tailwind. All of these are available on an app as well that you can download easily from your IPhone or Android so that you can create and schedule posts when it is convenient for you.


Canva is the ultimate beginner graphic design tool website that uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts to make engaging posts for your Instagram followers.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 10.12.49 AM.png

It is used by non-designers, bloggers as well as professionals. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics, and comes with hundreds of templates for your specific graphic needs!


There are tons of video editing websites and systems that make really great engaging content for your Instagram. A great beginner video creator to use is Lumen5. It let’s you take blog posts or articles and turn them in to engaging videos for your followers. When you become comfortable with Lumen5, start with some other awesome video creator systems like  Wave.com/Animatron or Rocketium!



InShot makes it super easy to create videos for your Instagram. Add music, text, emojis, voice-overs to videos, as well as other effects for more engaging content.


Repost makes it easy to repost your favorite photos & videos on Instagram while giving credit to the original Instagramer. This app is most useful for businesses that are tagged in photos quite often. For example, if you own a restaurant, people usually take photos of get togethers and the food at your location. This app is perfect for taking those photos and reposting them onto your own business Instagram.

Available for downloading on both Apple and Android.

Creating a 7-Figure Social Media Strategy for Realtors

Last week our CEO, Darren Cabral, and the team visited the Barrie & District Association of Realtors. We were at this event to share how Realtors can use our 7-Figure Social Media Strategy to build a powerful Facebook/Instagram ad campaign that generates warm leads and massive brand awareness.

After TONS of requests, we have posted our slideshow presentation from the event! Click below to download it!

Creating a 7-Figure Social Media Strategy for Realtors

Downloaded it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

How to be Unpopular in the Instagram World


Instagram has become an app favourite for people around the world. It’s a great platform to use for growing your brand and/or business with a massive, captive audience, as long as you use it right! As important as it is to know what to do on Instagram and how to use it. It’s just as important to know what NOT to do, and what you can do to stay popular in the Instagram world!

Using Bad Quality Photos/Videos

No one is asking for National Geographic photography, and you also don’t always need a professional camera! Taking photos from your smartphone is a great and cost effective way to post photos and videos onto your Instagram account.

But when you are using your smartphone, making sure your photos are crisp and are high-quality images is what is most important. Instagram is all about aesthetic, if they are not pleasing to the eye, people won’t like like them or want to follow you or your business.

Spamming Inboxes

This shouldn’t be an issue anymore, but for some reason it still is! Selling your products and/or services on Instagram is totally fine. When done right, Instagram is a great way to find customers, engage with them and build your own community of followers!

Messaging prospects on Instagram has to be done carefully, and without “spamming” or bugging them.

An example we always like to use: You wouldn’t go into a bar, walk up to a girl, and say, “Hey, want to get married?” That’s just not something you do. You take them out to dinner and get to know them first (etc.).

You don’t sell to prospects like that in person, so why do it on social media? Overall point here, don’t do it. Promise?

Going Too Off Brand

Like I said earlier, Instagram’s main element is aesthetic. When you create an Instagram account for your Personal Brand or Business, you have to make sure you are sticking to your brand or business’ brand.

“How do I keep up my brand consistent on Instagram Hayley?”

Well, keeping up with brand consistency isn’t as hard as you may think. No matter what, you should be using high-quality images on your Instagram. Adding your brand colours, the same Instagram filters, themes, quality of photos, designs (etc.) is exactly how you keep consistent in your Instagram page.

Untitled design.png

Here are some examples of local companies in Barrie, Ontario that are doing great on Instagram!

Homestead Artisan Bakery

With 2,728 followers, Homestead Bakery does an awesome job at creating an aesthetic and beautiful Instagram profile. (To the right).

They make sure their Instagram content is consistent with their delicious, bright, high-quality photos of their products. Homestead Bakery is posting content as frequently as possible, and doesn’t post anything that isn’t relative or relevant to their brand and business.

Check them out at @homesteadbread on Instagram or online at http://www.homesteadartisanbakery.com/

Untitled design (1).png

The Faris Team

Local real estate team, the Faris Team, has a great Instagram with beautiful, high-quality photos of the interior of homes.

Their Instagram has 2,859 followers who are highly engaged with their content!

Another way that the Faris Team uses Instagram to engage with their followers is using Instagram Story Highlights. Instagram Highlights are great for showing people past Instagram Stories that highlight your business or brand.

Check out the Faris Team at https://www.faristeam.ca/

Forgetting to Caption Your Photos

NEVER forget to caption your photos! Adding captions to your Instagram posts attracts more engagement onto your posts and your page. Even adding small captions does more than writing nothing. Ask a question, tell a joke, share a story, create a call to action!

Whatever you do, don’t leave your post blank. It gives no incentive for people to engage with your posts, and engagement is what you want!

Ignoring Your Followers

If you’re receiving comments or messages on your Instagram posts, don’t ignore them! Become comfortable with engaging with your followers. Get to know them more, start conversation, engage!

Forgetting Hashtags

When creating your Instagram captions, don’t forget to hashtag! No, this doesn’t mean hammer out 50 hashtags into your post. Pick 1-10 relevant hashtags and add them to your caption. Using hashtags on Instagram is important, this is because it will get your posts noticed by anyone who follows the hashtag or views them. The more views, the more likes and follows on your Instagram page!

Not Using Instagram Analytics

Don’t ignore your Instagram analytics! If your Instagram account is a business account (you’ll need to link your account to a Facebook Page for this), you have access to some basic, but useful analytics.

In the Instagram Analytics, you are shown the age, demographic, sex, time they are most active and more of your followers.  You can also see the impressions and reach of each of your posts, to see which ones were most engaging with your Instagram followers. Keeping an eye on all of this will help you to more consistently choose the right kind of posts for your followers.