Social Media Discovery & Strategy

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Social Media Discovery & Strategy


The foundation to every campaign our project. Completion of a 2 hour discovery session, brand brief, social media strategy, and face to face final consultation.

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About Our Process

Our discovery and strategy development process is the foundation to every single campaign or new project. Starting with discovery, you'll meet with one of our consultants for a 2-hour discovery session. You'll discuss your business, brand, and vision, and we'll help it all come together and figure out your biggest opportunities on social media. We'll follow up with a complete social media brand brief and review with your team.

Once the discovery process is complete and we have a clear understanding of your brand and business, we'll get to work developing a 25-30 page tactical social media strategy. This will break down in granular detail every single part of your social media efforts including what to post, where, and why. Right down to specific ad campaigns to be developed, targeting, budgets, timelines, etc. Upon completion, we'll deliver a digital/physical report and review face to face with you and your team.

Upon completion of the above process, we'll decide the best way to move forrward. You can choose to work with Suits Social to exceucte and manage the strategy, or have us train your team to do it yourself.


Social Media Discovery:

We will undertake a comprehensive discovery session to help us both understand and define your marketing goals and objectives, review market characteristics, determine your unique value proposition, and decide on the way forward.

After our initial meeting, our team will prepare a formal discovery brief. A document that will serve as the foundation to the eventual strategy development. This represents our understanding of your brand and vision, as well as a determination of your opportunities among the competitive landscape.

This discovery process will provide the client and the consultant with clarity and unity of vision, but most importantly all of the information required to develop a successful social media strategy going forward.

Social Media Strategy Development:

Our team will develop a complete paid and organic social media strategy from the ground up including actionable tactics based on the detailed findings of our discovery report.

The strategy will outline everything needed to develop a successful social media campaign and maintain an active presence across all relevant channels aligned with your business goals.

From when and what to post, to creative direction, messaging, branding, content calendar, and more. Including complete direction for all paid media campaigns, best practices, suggested audiences, targeting options, etc.