Social Media Listings Accelerator

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Social Media Listings Accelerator

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Sell your listing fast! Promote your listing on Facebook & Instagram with a highly targeted custom lead-gen campaign. You’ll receive warm leads including names, emails, and numbers every single day in realtime. Sell your listings fast, get exposed to thousands of customers per week, and build your list.

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Development of a custom Facebook & Instagram Lead Gen campaign for a single listing. Includes a buyer campaign, broker campaign, and retargeting campaign. The ads collect leads directly on FB & IG via a lead form, and get sent to the clients email of choice in real time or compatible CRM.


Listing details, access to desired Facebook Page, photo and video for ads, ideal customer details.


• FB & IG Ad Campaign development including 3 ad sets (Buyer, Broker, Re-target) and 3 ads per ad set

• Daily monitoring to respond to comments, questions, etc.

• Daily optimization to increase performance.

• Lead delivery automation to send leads directly to email or compatible CRM in real time.

• Detailed report at the end of the campaign including leads, reach, engagement, and spend.



Upon completing your purchase you will be directed to complete a brief questionnaire. In this questionnaire, you will provide all of the information we need to get started including specific listing details, social media details, and target audience details.

Once we get access to your Facebook page, we'll build your campaign and notify you when it's ready to launch.

If you have trouble for any reason please email for support or call 705-417-3233 during regular business hours and we'll help you out!