Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

Having a strong social media presence and powerful ad campaigns is great! But you’re going to want a system that turns that attention into dollars.

We plan, design, develop, and manage complete social media sales funnels for most of our clients.

These sales funnels typically include landing pages customized for a specific offer, from selling an book, to generating leads and even selling event tickets.

We’ve partnered with the best system in the world for building these funnels, it’s called ClickFunnels. Click-funnels allows us to build literally hundreds of different funnels to best suit your business, products, and services.

ClickFunnels is best described as the Lego of online marketing, we can literally build anything you can imagine! (Or in this case, what we can imagine for you!)

Example of Our Work

Below is a sample of a basic landing page we built for one of our clients 9Round Kickboxing Fitness in Barrie.

Funnel Step 1 - Sample.png

We had various Facebook ad campaigns driving warm traffic to this page, customers opt-in and can either pay for their 2-week trial or choose to sign up in person.

They then get sent to a thank you page, and added to an automation sequence where they are emailed a voucher and added to a nurture sequence.

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Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

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