About The Social Accelerator System

You have a listing to sell, we want to sell it for you!

Please review the following details, and proceed to the bottom of this page where you can apply to receive more information about this revolutionary offering. Please note this service is currently only available within Canada.

We will review your application and contact you with more details, pricing, and outline how to get started.

In partnership Wylie Ford we've developed an incredibly powerful way to generated interested buyers for high end listings using Facebook and Instagram Ads. This is not an app or software or automation trick.

This is real people, our in house social media experts are building custom campaigns to sell your Listing.

We use information you provide about your listing, your ideal buyer, your market, etc. to develop highly targeted social media campaigns. These campaigns can generate dozens or even hundreds of interested buyers for your listing. Real buyers names, numbers, emails, etc. looking to book a showing. 

This works really well for high end listings that "Show Well" captivate the minds of interested buyers, and look great in photos and video. Typically we recommend this for listings with an asking of over $1,000,000.


Social Accelerator (5).png

How does it work? Simple!

(For you at least)

Step 1: We create a video ad campaign that showcases your listing video to an audience of ideal customers.

Step 2: We create another, which targets Brokers that could have buyers searching for a listing in your area.

Step 3: Everyone who watches the video ad will get re-targeted with individual photo ads that showcase different parts of your listing. So each time your prospect logs into Facebook they'll see the kitchen, then next time they might see the backyard, followed by the basement, and so on... 

Step 4: After seeing the listing everywhere for days and hopefully falling in love, the prospect will click to register their interest and schedule a showing. This happens right on the ad itself, and their info is sent to your email and/or your CRM of choice if compatible.

What does this looks like?

Notice the first image is a sample of one of the video ads. When the procpect clicks learn more, a form is autoamticly filled out with their information, when they click submit this goes straight to you in realtime!


Please complete the form below and we will review your information to determine if you're a suitable fit. At this time we're only accepting reputable agents with a track record of success and at least one high end listing ($1M+).

If you're accepted we'll reach out to provide more information, answer any question you might have, and outline next steps to get this started. We recommend starting by promoting just a single listing at a time.

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