Does Your Follower Count Matter?

Quality Over Quantity

People and businesses place so much value on the number of followers or likes they have on social media. The idea of this for business is irrelevant and overvalued.

I can’t say numbers don’t matter, due to the looks of your Instagram and Facebook page gives a sense of credibility, but the value businesses place on social media numbers needs to be reconsidered.


The interactions you get on social media, to us, are far more important. Rather than trying to get fake likes and followers, create content that is engaging! You can buy a million followers, but you can’t buy a true community that wants to see what your business is up to you and will potentially be customers.

Follower count only matters to your business or brand if your audience actually cares, actively consumes, and engages with your social media content.

For example, if you have 30,000 followers on Instagram and 10,000 of them buy ten copies of your book because you posted about it. With that many customers converting, it that means you have an engaged audience that is consuming your business’ content. That is what’s valuable.

But the number of followers you have doesn’t matter because all it takes is for one post to be noticed by one person that starts a chain of reactions through social media. Because all that really matters is the attention, not the numbers.

When it comes to social media, quality over quantity. Businesses need to stop focusing on the amount of followers or likes they have on social media, and start focusing on how well they are engaging with people who actually cares about your content!

The Do's and Don't of Social Media for Business

Social media is an evolving marketing tool that businesses need to be using. But there are some things that you don’t have to worry about changing anytime soon! So we have created a list of the Do’s and Don’t’s of starting with social media for your business that you should know:

Ditch your car for good.png

5 Common Social Media Marketing Myths

Here’s Are Your Questions, ANSWERED!

Social Media Marketing is still a new topic to most businesses and there are many questions and thoughts about social media that people don’t understand. We are here to take these myths and give you the truth! Here are some of the most common questions we are asked in social media marketing:

1. “I don’t need to use social media for my business.”

Many businesses think that social media isn’t for them. But social media is for EVERY business! Too many businesses think social media is useless and will not work for a business that might be less “glamorous”  than retail, food or any entertainment business. That’s just not true!


Yes it may be a little bit harder to market on social media, compared to those other industries, but does that mean you should leave social media out of your marketing strategy? Absolutely not. 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. Social media nowadays is crucial to building your business and brand!

2. “You can't track/measure ROI on social media.”

How do you track or measure the ROI of radio ads and billboards? Not only can you measure the effectiveness of paid social media campaigns, you can measure the organic side (posting on your social media) as well. Not something you can do with other paid campaigns. The first step in tracking your ROI on social media is by creating a business account for your platforms. If you don’t know the difference between a Facebook/Instagram profile and a page, you can check out our blog “Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Profiles: Why it’s Important to Know the Difference.”  

When you create a Page or Business Account, you are given access to your accounts specific and detailed analytics/insights of your content, demographic, paid advertising campaigns and tons more! The amount of information you can get from one campaign on Facebook and Instagram is amazing.

3. “Social media is just for teenagers.”

It’s common for people to associate social media with teenagers and the younger generation. Like I said earlier, businesses with teenagers as their target audience can assume that their audience is definitely on social media. Some brands with an older target audience think that it would be pointless for them to use social media because their audience just doesn’t use it, but that’s where they’re wrong! Facebook has over 2 BILLION active users daily.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 3.30.25 PM.png
  • 88% of those aged 18-29

  • 84% of those aged 30-49

  • 72% for those aged 50-64

  • 62% for those aged 65+

That’s a massive (non-teenage) audience that you could be missing out on reaching because you thought they just weren’t there.

4. “You need a presence on all social media platforms.”

It may seem shocking, but your business does NOT need to be on all social media platforms. Your business should be on the social channels that your customers are on. For example, if your business is a clothing store and your target audience is 16 year old girls, you might not want to be on Linkedin. You’re going to want to be on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

5. “Success depends on the number of followers you have.”

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! Success does NOT depend on how many followers you have. The quality of your engagement matters more than the quantity of your followers.

Often businesses will judge their success on social media by the number of followers they have. While the amount of followers can provide some social proof, it matters more that the followers you have are engaged with you and are actually potential customers. When you create and share relevant and useful information, you will attract more followers who are interested in what you have to say.

5 Ways to Boost Business in the Slow Season

It’s That Time of the Year Again…

One moment you’re swamped with clients, and suddenly you’re wondering where all your customers went!

And unless you are a winter-specialized business who is creeping into its busiest season, you need some new ways to keep your business growing, or at least steady, during your slow season!

Getting into a slow season can be frightening at times. What if business doesn’t pick up again? What if we never get another client? These are both silly questions that fill up our heads during this time of year.

Next time your business starts to slow down, use some of these tips to boost your business back!

Create/Update Your Social Media Marketing Strategy


If you haven't created one yet for your business, now is a great time to start! Creating a marketing plan for your social media is a vital part of a business, check out how to create a Social Media Marketing Plan from our blog to figure out how to write one!

Get Out Of The Office

A great way to boost your business in the slow seasons are to attend events, or host your own!

Start attending local events, as well as business events. There are TONS of local events and festivals happening every month in Barrie, like Kempenfest, Chamber of Commerce events, Barrielicious, and more! Make sure your business is a part of these events. This could be sponsoring events, or creating your own booth/area where you can promote and engage with locals one-on-one.

An even better way to engage with potential prospects when business is slow is to create your own events or workshops on subjects based around your industry. Educating your potential customers in a fun way about your industry gets them engaged, remembering your business, and will make them want to come back for the next one!

Post More Content

Been struggling with posting content for your business on social media? Now is the time to get ahead!

The slow season for your business could be your opportunity to create content for your social media in bulk. This means creating content that you can use weeks or months from now when your business becomes busy again.


These can be photos, videos or blogs that relate to your industry. For example, if you’re in the food industry, try to take as many high quality photos and videos of the kitchen, dining area, food, customers (etc.) that you can share weeks from when you take them so you’re not trying to create content when you’re busy. This will help up your social media game in the long run!

Start a Blog

Starting a blog when your business in the off-season goes hand in hand with creating content for your business. Creating blogs that educate your customers is an awesome way to teach them what your business is all about BEFORE they decide to purchase from you.

Clean Up Your Email List

You know it. We know it. You have to go through your email!

“I haven’t done anything with my email list. We probably should.” We hear it all the time from clients. Email is NOT dead! Using your email list to reach out to clients and nurture them with email sequences is a great opportunity to prospect during your business’ slow season.

Starting a newsletter, either weekly or monthly, helps nurture your potential (or current) clients, reminding them who you are, your business, and letting them know that you are still here.

Always take the opportunity in your business/ slow season to reach out to prospects and current customers/clients. You can even create a referral program/deal for clients!

How to Get More Qualified Leads With Instagram & Facebook Ads

Here’s the Great Thing About Video Advertising…

With video being the best advertising format with the highest engagement and rates, especially on mobile devices, more people are ready to consume video advertisements from businesses!


No, this doesn’t mean your next video advertisement will become a viral video and will perform better than ads that have images. It just means that it has become a higher change to getting more leads from your online advertisements.

Cheaper Views

Video advertisements have found to be a better and cheaper way to advertise. Though producing a high-quality video advertisement can come at cost, there are ways around it with mobile device filming and editing softwares like iMovie, and Adobe tools.

Re-Targeting a Qualified Audience

Another amazing benefit of running video ads on Instagram and Facebook is the amount of qualified potential leads you can re-target with Lead Generation ads.

Want to know how? Let me tell you!

When you run a video ad on Facebook and Instagram (Brand Awareness ads), you can gather thousands and thousands of views! With those video views, you can create a Lead Generation ad and re-target the people that watched half of your video.


The reason to target people who have watched half of your video is to target the people who were interested enough to continue watching. If you target the people who have watched only 2-5 seconds of your video, then your leads probably won’t be the people who will buy or opt in to what you are selling!

How Do You Create These Video Ads?

More and more we’re starting to see shorter video ads to work better. This is because people don’t have the attention span for a longer video. 99% of users will scroll right past your ad. So how do you get them to stop and watch it?

Pitch in reverse. Start with attention grabbing, and then explain the why and how. Your customers scroll social media quickly, and you only have about half a second to catch their eye. Facebook usually recommends any video ad to be only 15 seconds or shorter.

Here are a couple tips to help you get started with creating your own video ads!

1. Make sure you design your ad with mobile version in mind. When people see your ad on social media, the volume does not automatically play like a television ad! They have to click on your ad, and then turn on the volume for it to be heard. So when creating your Facebook and Instagram Video ads, be sure to add subtitles and make the beginning capturing!

2. Design your ad with the Instagram Version in mind. Yes, you need a separate video format for your Instagram. Facebook can take any size, but Instagram needs to have a square size of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Video ads are starting to grow more and more each year. So why start later when you can be ahead!

Our Top 6 Blogs This Year: Social Media Marketing

The Best Blogs This Year!

We gathered some of the most valuable blogs we have written this year to make sure that you are getting all the best information you need to get started on social media marketing your business!

Check them out.

1. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail... Why Your Business Needs an Effective Social Media Strategy!

Learn why creating a Social Media Strategy is so important for your business, how to develop a Social Media Strategy and why it is important.

2. Everything You Need to Know About Creating Great Social Media Content

This blog post takes you through understanding what social media content is, the types of social media content, and how to create the best type of content for your business.

3. The Best Times to Post On Social Media

Many businesses post on their social media when it is convenient for them. But when you use social media for your business, there are certain times that are best to post on your social media! Learn when to post your content at the best times of the day for your business.

4. Instagram Tips for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Creating content for your Real Estate business can be tough. A lot of people working in Real Estate often finding themselves wondering “What do I post on my Instagram as content?

Should I make my whole Instagram listings?” Both of these answers,  as well as some other questions you might have, can be easily solved with these Instagram tips and tricks for Real Estate!

5. The Best Way Accountants Can Generate Leads With Facebook Ads

Most accountants or accounting firms are looking for a new idea or a way to boost business from their marketing. So if you’re here looking for an answer, you’re not the only one! This blog teaches you how to create Facebook Ads that will get you qualified leads, right to your CRM!

6. BLOW UP Your Business With Local Micro-Influencers

What are Local Micro-Influencers, how do you find them, and how can you use them to grow your business? Learn how to use hashtags, locations and more to find local social media influencers and bloggers and grow your brand and revenue.

That’s some of the best ones so far that we love! Keep looking every Wednesday for new blogs from us!

"The Puppies Turn One" Sponsorship!

Who Doesn’t Love a Puppy Birthday Bash?

Last week, we sponsored an awesome giveaway happening through Instagram, with dogs!

Instagram’s popular (and not to mention adorable) Petite Brabancon, Walter Chestnut The Third, had his first birthday party with his friend Loki, an equally adorable Pomchi (Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix)

To celebrate, Walter and Loki decided to create a giveaway. To enter, people had to Follow all the companies that donated to this giveaway (Suits Social, Stairhause, Inhabit Interior & Design, Rover Pet Boutique, Natural Dog Company), Like the giveaway post, tag 3 friends in the comments section with more entries for tagging more friends

This giveaway included:

  1. A Bow Tie Collar, A Bow Tie, Bandana, all donated by Rover Pet Boutique.

  2. 50% off discount, donated by the Natural Dog Company

  3. $300 to give away for any animal charity of choice, donated by Suits Social, Stairhause and Inhabit Interior & Design

    Check out some of the photos below from the party!

Photos of some of the dogs at the Birthday Party by

Follow these two on Instagram: @walter_chestnut_iii and @pomchi.loki

The Top 4 Tools Every Business Should Be Using

If there were tools that could make your business run, even a little bit easier, wouldn’t you want to know? Well the good news is, there is! With advancement in new technology and apps, you don’t have to hire designers, video editors etc. for the smaller tasks at hand.

We decided to go through our management tools and decide what the top 4 tools that are crucial to building your business and brand to the next level, with no (or very little) money needed! You know what that means? YES. These are FREE tools that are waiting to be used! These are tools that help manage, increase productivity, help communicate, build your expertise and market in a simple easy-to-do way!

Here’s a list of the top 4 business apps and tools that every industry should be using to grow their brand and business.

Copy of Untitled.png

Developing a Content Strategy for Your Business

It Never Hurts to To Take a Look Back at Your Strategy!

Social media is constantly evolving. There are always new tweeks to social media platform and trends in content. It never hurts to look back at your strategy and see how you can update it with the most recent trends and types of content.


What Is A Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is managing any type of written, visual, downloadable, (etc.) media that you create. It’s a part of your marketing plan (or at least it should be) that helps you build your brand online and your business.

When creating a content strategy, you need to be managing and planning all of it with a purpose.

Why Do I Need One?

Having a Content Strategy helps your business prepare and plan for reliable and cost-effective sources of website traffic and new leads. If you can create just one blog post or post on social media that gets a steady amount of traffic, an embedded link to an ebook or free tool will continue generating leads for you as time goes on!

Who Am I Creating Content For?

What’s your target audience? Who are you really making your content for?

Don’t create content for yourself. Many people make this mistake. Always create content that will entice and give value to your audience. If you’re not sure who your audience is, a great way to find out is by asking these questions after you have created a post:

  1. Would my ideal customer relate to this?

  2. Would my ideal customer find value or entertainment in this?

  3. Would my ideal customer likely share this with their friends?

    Creating, Managing and Publishing Great Content

Planning, creating, scheduling, and posting content can feel like a full time job. If you’re posting 3-5 times per week most people struggle to find the time. Luckily, you don’t have to create and post content minute by minute as you need it, you can actually create posts and schedule them ahead of time!

Some great sites and apps to use to create really good content is Canva, Pxture, InShot, Ripl and PhotoGrid. There are tons of apps and sites out there that are easy to use, these are just a few that we like to use! You’ll also need to focus on what format of content you will be posting. Will it be an infographic? A photo? A Video or blog? Decide which format is best to express what information you are giving to your audience.

When you have a variety of different social media platforms to post on, it makes it easier to schedule your content to be posted automatically, when you want them to be posted.


Some great content schedulers that will help you to post your amazing finished content are Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, Tailwind, Loomly and more. All of these are available on an app as well that you can download easily from your IPhone or Android so that you can create and schedule posts when it is convenient for you.

What Platforms Will I Use For My Content?

Posting on social media is critical to your brand's reach. Delivering your content to your customers where you know they spend their time is important. If you don’t know where they are, spend some time researching!

Social networks that are popular platforms businesses use:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat

  • YouTube

    Content Strategies are just as important now as they will be in month or years from now. You should always be looking at your Strategy to see how you can be improving!

Sales Funnels for Professionals

What Are Sales Funnels?

Sales funnels refer to the sales process that leads customers into making a purchase, service, or opting into a specific thing. These Sales Funnels market, sell, and give products online to targeted potential customers or leads.

To create a Sales Funnel, create a ClickFunnels account. It is an online sales funnel builder that is great for business professionals who have a product or service that they are offering.

How? Though it can seem complicated, it’s very simple!

The Benefits and Features of Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is the most effective way to get any product or service to sell. This way, you are attracting the right visitors, building their trust and engagement with their brand and then selling to them right at the point when they’re most likely to buy.

ClickFunnels simplifies these funnels so you can create them in the easiest, and most successful way possible. They give you pre-built funnel templates and online marketing to deliver your products and services for a specific business to funnel in their specific type of customers.

When creating a Sales Funnel for your business, you want to be using each of the core elements that ClickFunnels offers, including:


  • Custom Domains

  • A/B Split Tests

  • Email Integrations

  • Optin Funnels

  • Order Pages

  • Upsell Pages

  • Downsale Pages

  • Share Your Funnels

  • Priority Support

  • Priority Template Requests

  • And more!

What Makes a Great Sales Funnel

Like I said earlier, when creating a Sales Funnel, you want to keep them enticed enough that they keep falling through your funnel, which ends up in the prospect making a purchase.

If you are an expert in your field, a great strategy for a sales funnel is to offer a solution to someones problem, but giving free video training.


We love this one because it educates your prospect in:

  1. An issue that they didn’t realise they had

  2. How they can find a solution (you/your product)

  3. What your product is

  4. And why it will help with the solution

At this point, your prospect has gained your trust and watched each video/training you have given to educate them. Each point given above has lead into landing pages and videos that leads them deeper into the funnel and now shows where they can make a purchase.

Another great way is to record a training video and call it a “Live Webinar”. Every time a prospect lands on your Sign Up page for a webinar, you can set the “next live Webinar” for whichever hour they end up on your page. For example, is someone lands on your page at 9:00am, your Sign Up page would say “Next Webinar at 10:00am!”. This gives scarcity that they need to sign up right then and there. Or, they can sign up for a later time. But in reality, you have already recorded your “Live Webinar” and it is running all the time waiting for the hour (10:00am) to be played on the landing page.

The amazing part about Sales Funnels is that once they have invested their time into each video and learned, they are going to buy your product or service to justify spending all of their time on you.