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SOCIALCADEMY is an online training platform where you can learn everything and anything about social media marketing.


SOCIALCADEMY is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, and marketers. Anyone who feels the need to understand the most powerful marketing tool in history, and use it to grow their business and improve their career.

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Hey, Darren here, CEO of Suits Social and Founder of SOCIALCADEMY. I just wanted to let you know a little bit about who I am, and why I'm starting SOCIALCADEMY.

Social media marketing has transformed my business and my life. The ability to bring attention to everything and anything I do has been invaluable. Not only for me, but for every single one of my clients that works with me and my team at Suits Social.

Although we help quite a few businesses, the reality is not everyone can afford to work with an agency even if they wanted to. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't have access to the same knowledge and expertise. 

In 2018 I set a goal to help 1-million people over the next 5-years bring attention to their ideas and build their brand with social media. So I knew I had to come up with something that could get everything I know, to as many people as possible, as affordably as possible.

From that goal, SOCIALCADEMY was born!