Craft Pomade

12.9X ROAS For Luxury Mens Grooming Brand With FB & IG Ads 

ROAS = Return on Ad Spend


Craft Pomade

What started by the McIntaggart family as a small 3-chair Barbershop, has quickly amounted to 3 locations within Midland, & Barrie Ontario - as well as a wholesale division and E-commerce store: Craft Pomade. signifies that they are so much more than a Barbershop site, but rather a marketplace for the items tried, tested and used by our team & patrons. All items posted on the Craft Pomade online store have been carefully selected by the McIntaggart's; from the quality of the product, to the packaging, to the makers.


With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing shutdowns of their brick & mortar locations, founder of History Barbershop & Craft Pomade Michael McIntaggart decided to take matters into his own hands. 


With the Barbershops, a.k.a., their only distribution channel shut down due to Covid,  Michael decided to create a brand new distribution channel that was pandemic proof...


He and his team quickly put together a Shopify eCommerce site and began uploading their complete catalog of products to the new online shop.


But Michael didn't just want his existing customers to shop online, he wanted to take his products across Canada! The only question was how? 


He turned to Suits  Social to develop a nationwide eCommerce campaign to reach customers across the Country and rapidly scale the new online store.



Suits Social generated Awareness for Craft Pomade with high-quality video ads. This allowed us to build trust with Craft Pomade’s prospects before trying to sell them anything.


Those who engaged with Craft Pomade’s content at the awareness level were then re-targeted using advanced AI and Lookalike audiences. This re-targeted audience was then served an enticing offer to gather information in exchange for value. This is where Suits Social generated warm leads! Since these leads were “warm” they were acquired at a fraction of the cost compared to cold traffic.


Finally, in the Conversion stage of our ads, Suits Social once again used advanced retargeting and lookalike audiences to get Craft Pomade’s specific products in front of  customers who were most likely to buy based on their previous engagement with their brand through the previous stages of our advertising funnel.




Craft Pomade saw a 12.9X ROAS With FB & IG Ads.(ROAS = Return on Ad Spend)



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