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478.20% Return on Ad Spend in one year - generating $3,017,779.51 in revenue!


Alix Burton


Online Course

"In 2013, I started my own trucking company- Good Energy Worldwide and I have since been able to grow my business to a fleet of over 11 trucks.


Today I am the founder and owner of Good Energy Worldwide Training- the home of the #1 training portal in the transportation industry where I motivate and teach people how to become successful in the trucking industry and I believe I can be an inspiration to my people because of the way they can resonate with my, my story and they can see the true, life changing value of the content I am sharing."


The goal was to launch and market an online course to teach people across the United States how to start their own business in the trucking industry with little knowledge on how to get started.


At the same time, we needed to grow Alix’s personal brand to ultimately help promote and sell the course.

Additionally, we needed to create an evergreen advertising funnel that would continuously sell the courses and generate sales on its own.



Creating multiple courses based on where the customer is looking to start depending on the time/money/resources they have.


The Dispatch Mastery course ($549) teaches people how become a dispatcher or start your own dispatching company with the dispatch mastery course (


The Trucking portal course ($1599) teaches you how to start your own trucking company with No CDL necessary. (



We created an advertising funnel offering free ebook, hitting them with email sequences upselling them, and social media ads of anyone who's heard of Alix and has interacted with his FB/IG pages. Goal is to hit people through all channels


-Plan for Good Energy was also to entice people to purchase the courses with our ads, by constantly using new creatives, incentives, and promos (ex: we come up with new copy/headlines each month, test out new creatives each month, and will try promos like “Flash Sales” every few months)




478.20% Return on Ad Spend in one year - generating $3,017,779.51 in revenue!



With an average revenue of $251,482 per month from Facebook and Instagram ads alone!


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