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The Fastest Way To  Grow Your Business With Social Media


Let Our Team Plan, Build And Manage Your Next Facebook Advertising Campaign!

First and foremost, we are an advertising agency. That means our main focus and area of expertise is running profitable advertising that makes your business more money.


We do this with ROI focused Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns. We use a proprietary 3 step strategy to simultaneously generate awareness, leads and sales for your business in a measurable and profitable way.


It's simple, we focus on providing industry leading ROI with every project by helping you turn $1 into $4, that's simple math that we can all appreciate.

Why Invest In Facebook Ads?

Rapid Results

Highly Targeted 

Cost Effective

100% Measurable 

Are You Losing Leads And Customers To Your Competitors?

Facebook & Instagram now has nearly 2.7 billion active users generating over 5 billion “likes” per day, and 19 million of those people are right here in Canada. With another 190 million users in the US. 


The fact is: Facebook & Instagram are not just for socializing anymore. They're for growing your business.


But if you’re not one of those savvy business owners who is already using Facebook & Instagram to your advantage, you're likely losing countless paying customers to the competition… and spinning your wheels with outdated advertising methods that get you little to no results.

Get In Front Of The Customers Who Are Most Likely To Buy From You!

Few social media platforms offer businesses with as much flexibility and as many targeting tools as Facebook.


Not only does Facebook place 2.7 Billion people within your reach instantly, but it also allowsyou to zero in on your ideal prospects for optimum results.


Let our team show you how to run an effective Facebook ad campaign that targets prospects based on age, gender, location, interests, what posts and pages they have “liked”, and more.


You can use this valuable data to create even more effective ad campaigns that reach your ideal customers before they even know they need you (and before the competition snatches them up).

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Let Our Team Of Facebook Advertising Experts Help You Turn $1 into $4!

Used correctly, Facebook ads are a goldmine of ready-to-buy customers itching to spend their hard earned dollars. A gold mine that most of your competitors are completely overlooking. But for how long?


That's why now is the time to expand your reach by running super targeted Facebook ad campaigns that reach the right customers at the right time and with the right offer. 


But we get it, it can be overwhelming to go at it alone. That's why our team of seasoned marketing experts use the latest, “ahead-of-the-curve” strategies to develop super-profitable Facebook ad campaigns that will double or TRIPLE your leads and sales at a fraction of the cost of your other marketing channels guaranteed. 


It's no surprise that our Facebook ad campaigns have a proven track record of turning $1 into $4, $5, or even $6 of new paying customers consistently and predictably. With that said, there's no better time to get started than right now.



Here's how we can help you get started in as easy as 1, 2, 3: 


Here's How It Works

Free Strategy Call

First, request a free strategy call, by clicking here.


During your call we analyze your business and current marketing efforts to come up with a custom game plan to help you get more leads and sales online.


We'll even walk you through the exact process we use to generate incredible results for our clients.


If you're interested in having us help you implement your new strategy, we'll send you a proposal with further detail for you to review.


Campaign Building

Next, if you decide to have us handle your marketing campaigns... 


We'll begin on-boarding and will start building out your ad campaigns to generate qualified traffic, leads and sales for your business.


We’ll handle all the busy work while you focus on building your business.


From setting up accounts, to installing tracking pixels, we'll get you set up fast and efficiently. 


When we're done we'll simply send you all the ads and a clear game plan for final approval and then get them turned on.

Ongoing Management

Lastly, we'll actively manage your campaigns once they are up and running.


Optimizing them daily, testing new creatives, new ad copy, and targeting new audiences.


Meeting with your face to face every month to review results, answer questions, and strategize for the month ahead.


Not to mention providing realtime support during regular business hours and 24/7 access to your own custom analytics dashboard. 


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Our Work

Examples Of Succesful Ads

Even though most ad campaigns are made up of hundreds of ad creatives, here are a few examples of some top performing ads from 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We might just have the answer!

What does it cost to work with you and start advertising on social media?

How long from the moment I sign up until ads are actually up and running?

Who will be my main point of contact and who will be working on my ads?

What's included in your monthly retainer?

How do I know this will work and do you offer any guarantee of results?

I'm ready to learn more and possibly sign up. What are my next steps?

If you're ready to learn more and/or get started the first thing you're going to do is book a 30-minute strategy call.


From there, you'll receive a custom proposal outlining an actionable strategy and a step-by-step game-plan.


Your proposal will also include additional details about our agency, a detailed scope of work, all associated costs, timelines, terms, etc.


When you're ready to get started, simply sign off on the proposal and we'll begin on-boarding!