Your Guide to Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for Facebook Advertising

The world of Facebook advertising can be overwhelming. Here's everything you need to know about hiring a digital marketing agency for your business.

What You Need To Know

You know that Facebook Ads are a huge opportunity for your company. But testing ads without a plan or experience will be expensive and result in huge losses before returns. So how can you rely on a digital marketing agency to launch or better your Facebook Advertising efforts?


Advertising agencies in the United States have an estimated $55 billion market size. Partnering with an advertising agency can shortcut your Facebook Ads learning. However, with 75,000+ advertising businesses across the country, choosing the right parter for you can be intimidating.


Here's our guide to hiring a digital marketing agency for your Facebook advertising needs.

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Choose a Digital Marketing Agency ONLY After Reviewing Their Case Studies!

The worst thing you could do for your business is to hire a digital marketing agency with zero experience in your industry. This doesn't mean that you can't hire a large agency with experience across many industries.


However, if your potential digital marketing agency has zero examples of case studies within your niche, it may be time to shop around some more.


As an example, Suits Social used advanced AI and Lookalike audiences to grow Facebook ROAS by 12.9 times for Craft Pomade. This is a key case example to consider when screening digital marketing agencies. 


You'll want to hire an agency with extensive experience in your own industry. This will allow you and your digital marketing agency as a team to avoid pitfalls and steep learning curves.


Avoid being a guinea pig and wasting precious advertising dollars. Ask your potential new agency for case studies. Speak with sales team members about past clients before committing to a partnership.

Talk Strategy During a Digital Marketing Pitch

Facebook Ads can be used for lead generation as well as e-commerce purchase growth alike. However, the tactics used to attain leads vs. product purchases can vary greatly.

Will you optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns for purchases or add-to-carts? Email submissions or form fills? These optimization differences can play a large part in helping your campaigns succeed and grow.

Ask your potential digital marketing agency about their specific strategies during sales calls and pitches. In particular, it will be useful to know how their strategies differ for B2B, service-based, and e-commerce industries.

Facebook Ads Event Optimization

Do you have an e-commerce business with high-cost items? It may be more beneficial to optimize Facebook ads toward add-to-cart events. This is because purchase counts will be too small for the Facebook pixel to optimize toward.


However, optimizing for add-to-cart events can hinder some growth in distinct purchases. This is because the Facebook pixel is becoming better and better at targeting individuals most likely to complete your event.

You'll have to ensure you create additional campaigns that retarget individuals who have added items to carts without converting. This will ensure that all of your advertising dollars are being used to move customers down a sales funnel.


However, some digital marketing agencies refuse to use add-to-cart event optimization on e-commerce brands. Either option can work and comes with different learning curves and challenges.

Creative Capabilities of Agencies

Facebook advertising requires extremely strong graphics and rigorous creative testing. Do you have a strong in-house creative team or will you rely on your new digital marketing agency to make creative assets?


Social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram ads, are demand generation tools. They are ideal for inciting interest and services in individuals who have never seen your brand before.


How will you make sure to capture their click and attention? You have a single moment to do so with your creative and call to action descriptions and copy.


Make sure that your digital marketing agency has a set A/B testing strategy in place. This will ensure that the creatives you or they create for your brand will continue to evolve and learn over time.

How Much Time Will an Agency Dedicate to You?

Work-life balances at digital marketing agencies are notorious for being dire. In 2018, HubSpot interviewed 1,000 agency owners about daily statistics of their business and staff. Only 2 percent of agencies reported account managers managing one account at a time.


The majority of account managers, 71 percent, manage 4+ accounts. Often, media teams mimic the structure of account managers. At best, you can expect your Facebook Ads execution team member to also be working on 3+ other accounts at a marketing agency.


This is a tradeoff to be paid in exchange for a digital marketing agency's expertise. Value the avoided learning curve from working with an agency, but be mindful of getting the attention your account deserves. 

Newer Agency? Consider Alternative Pay Structures

The one exception here is if you have a smaller advertising budget and are willing to take a chance on a smaller agency. You may be able to find an agency with less experience in your niche that is looking to grow its portfolio.


Consider hiring them for this service at a lower retainer rate. Alternatively, you may be able to pay additional commission rewards. This can be based on a percentage of incremental income or lead generations they provide on your behalf.


This means that your new digital marketing agency would only get paid above a small retainer fee if they bring in new business for you. This is an ideal set-up if local or smaller agencies are most suited to your brand but do not have case studies or portfolios that warrant higher starting rates.

Pitch decks and proposals are conversations.


Don't be afraid to discuss a partnership set-up that will work best for you.

Growing Facebook Advertising with a Digital Marketing Agency

Vetting a digital marketing agency can be a long but rewarding process. Ultimately, partnering with experts with a proven record of success can save advertising dollars.


Skip through the learning process with proven techniques and grow alongside a partner dedicated to your success. Ready to talk to your potential digital marketing agency partner?


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