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Craft Pomade

ROAS = Return on Ad Spend

History Barbershop, a multi-location, local brick and mortar barbershop took their entire catalogue of mens hair and grooming products online under the eCommerce brand "Craft Pomade". They came to Suits Social with a simple goal - drive as much traffic as possible to the new online shop and generate a consistent stream of sales. The result? We developed a highly profitable Facebook and Instagram advertising funnel that generated an average ROAS (return on ad spend) of 12.9X. In other words... for every $100 spent on ads, they generated nearly $1300 in sales.

Good Energy Worldwide

Client Alix Burton came to Suits Social needing help launching and marketing his new online course. His course Dispatch Mastery online course to teaches people across the United States how to start their own business in the trucking industry with little knowledge on how to get started. We got to work and the results surpassed expectations. Dispatch Mastery averaged a revenue of $251,482 per month from Facebook and Instagram ads alone!

Zirkova Vodka


1,255,971 IMPRESSIONS AND $4.30 CPM 
​IN 60 DAYS.

Zirkova Vodka is produced authentically and traditionally in the birthplace of vodka, the Cherkassky region in Ukraine. People buy Zirkova because of it's ridiculous quality and ease of drinking. Zirkova came to Suits Social to gain more impressions on their advertising and social media posts.